7 Things that Make Couples In A Live-In Relationship Different


Strong and healthy relationships are rare but not impossible to find these days. Couples in a live-in relationship usually emerge as strong couples; they know how to value each other, are punctual, and usually learn to deal with each other in all circumstances. And while live-in is still not widely accepted in our country, it's one of the popular concepts in the west that's slowly making its way in India as well. In India, live-in equals marriage, but the trend is changing slowly. 

You may think that live-in relationships are all about being with each other 24*7, but in reality, it's more about connecting emotionally, building intimacy, and giving each other the much-needed space. With that, here's how couples in a live-in relationship do things differently than the rest. So if you are in two minds about getting in a live-in with your partner before the wedding, we suggest you try it at least once so that you can experience it first hand. Read on and do share your thoughts with us. 

Here’s How Couples In Live-in Relationship Are Different 

  1. Arguments Are Natural: When couples start living together, they have their fair shares of arguments. And while it seems a bit off at the start, once they are comfortable in the live-in relationship, they realize that arguments are healthy. And with honest talks, one can easily conclude. They don't jump to the conclusion and break the relationship, instead they sail through the storm and emerge as a power couple. They do have differences, but that love always brings them together. And this really helps once you sort things out before marriage. 
  1. Strong Couples Keep Their Matters Private: Couples in a live-in relationship know how to keep their love life private. They know what to show to the public and what to keep to themselves. They will fight in private- love in private, and you will see very little of public affection from their end. They prefer to keep things this way since it's easy to manage a relationship when you don't have someone else's say in it. They share pictures and moments spent together on social media but know when to draw a line. And this helps them have a healthy stable relationship post marriage. 
  1. They Find Joy In Doing Little Things Together: Just because they are in a live-in relationship, they don't stop doing cute things for each other. Couples make sure that they pay attention to the details and do things for each other without any occasion. For them, date nights are common- they love planning small surprises for each other. Bringing flowers for their betterhalf is a part of the routine. In short, they never need a special occasion to display their affection- they do it because of the love they share. 
  1. They Always Keep The Passion Alive: When you are in a live-in relationship or otherwise, things start falling into a routine. Things that once used to excite you seem normal now. However, strong couples ensure that nothing in the relationship ever gets stale. They plan spontaneous things for each other and keep that passion alive. They plan random staycations, surprise each other with date night, go to concerts and movies together and do everything under the sun for each other. Such couples don't believe in mundanity and love experimenting in their relationship, which gets them closer before the wedding. 
  1. They Are with Each Other In Health And Sickness: Couples in live-in relationships stick with each other through thick and thin. They support each other emotionally and uplift each other on the bad days. And when one partner falls sick, they step up and handle the house. They get medicines, make food for you and ensure that they are always available for you. They don't leave your side till you feel better. And slowly you realize, this is the person you want to grow old with and plan a wedding with. 
  1. Couples Share New Experiences: In a live-in relationship, couples share everything. Be it cooking for the first time or shopping for groceries the first time - you share many firsts with your partner. And not only domestic experiences, but you also go on adventurous experiences together for the first time. You look forward to doing things with your partner, the sense of joy you get, can never be comprehended in words. And this helps you grow as a couple, when you are planning a marriage too. 
  1. They Are Willing To Compromise: The term compromise, especially during marriage, is often looked at in a bad light, but couples in a live-in relationship understand and value the meaning. They are okay to let go of things for each other without fussing much about it. If they miss a concert because of their partner, they learn to deal with it. They don't complain or nag about sacrificing things for each other. And that's the beauty of a live-in relationship - you always know how to deal with each other. 

In India, the concept of a live-in relationship is still fresh, and people are yet to come to terms with it.  However, it's one of the beautiful phases of your life before you decide to take the final plunge. What are your thoughts on the live-in relationship? Do let us know in the comments below.

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