7 Signs You Are Being Ghosted Online


Online dating is slowly becoming a core pillar of modern-day romance. Conversations that start online often turn into a beautiful association of a lifetime i.e. wedding. And while online dating has its pros, it has a set of cons as well. Pros are that you have the chance to live the ultimate romance of your dreams, while the major con is that the signs of being ghosted have increased a bit too much. For those who don't know, ghosting is a millennial term that implies when a person, whom you meet on a matrimony app, vanishes from your life without a valid reason or justification. And while ghosting you, the person doesn't even consider it necessary  to give you an explanation.

However, we have got your back, and we are here for you. If you are dating someone and still questioning a few things in your relationship and don't know where all this is going, then here are seven signs that you are being ghosted. If you are experiencing these signs, it's better to have open communication with your potential marriage partner and get a clear picture.

Signs That You Are Being Ghosted By Your Partner 

  1. You Are Always The First One To Initiate A Conversation: There's no harm in messaging someone first. Taking the first step to initiate a conversation is always better - however, doing so is not always the correct sign. When you date someone, you expect the person to give you the same amount of love and attention. But when you are on the giving end and not the receiving end, that's a sign that you are being ghosted. If this is happening with you, stop initiating the conversation first. Wait for your partner's message, and slowly you will understand what's happening. If you are the one to start the conversation always, then it is one of the signs you are being ghosted.  
  1. You Receive One-Word Replies: In online dating and matrimonial apps, the first few conversations happen via messages. And at times, when you start getting comfortable with a person, you tend to share your thoughts and feelings with them. And in such cases, if the person genuinely cares about your sentiments, they don't think twice before acknowledging it. However, in some cases, when you pour your heart out, you receive a one-word reply. And trust us, one-word messages are never good. People might be busy or preoccupied with other things- however, receiving such replies often is considered ghosting. It might mean that the other person is not interested in you.  
  1. It Takes No Time To Come Up With An Excuse: When people start losing interest in you, that's when they start coming up with excuses. Some excuses can be genuine - however, coming up with a new reason almost daily is a sign of ghosting. No matter what you plan for the person, they always have an excuse ready like- 'can't make it because of hectic work schedule, let's do it some other time, I ain't feeling good today, etc. Such excuses come up when your potential wedding partner is not interested in you but also doesn't want to tell you directly, so that’s again one of the signs you are being ghosted.  
  1. Playing Too Hard To Get: On some days, the person is all over you, while on other days, they seem distant and cold. This behaviour often confuses the other person, and we believe that we are somewhere at fault. However, this is one of the signs of you being ghosted. If you are into online dating, and experiencing this behaviour from your partner for a while now, it's time to confront them. And if the person ain't even interested in explaining,  it clearly means that they are ghosting you.
  1. Avoiding Relationship Talks: Online dating or offline, there's a point in every relationship where the couple likes to speak about the future or say, wedding. They discuss the future of this relationship and where they are going with this. However, unfortunately, when a person is ghosting someone, they avoid having such conversations by all means. They either change the subject or consider living in the moment. And that's definitely not a healthy sign in any relationship. So if you are having your share of doubts and don't know the future of your relationship, you should confront your to-be wedding partner and get things clear before proceeding ahead in the relationship.
  1. Plans Always Get Cancelled: As a couple, you love to spend time with each other and do things together. However, in some relationships, it often happens that the person you are with keeps cancelling the plans. And if this happens once or twice, that's completely okay. However, if this becomes a daily affair, then there are chances that your partner is ghosting you. It is a red flag since the person you are with should be willing to spend more time with you, and if the case is otherwise, you might consider taking a step back from the relationship.  
  1. You Have Been Ghosted In The Past: If you have been ghosted by your partner in the past, and are still willing to give them a second chance,  you have to be very careful with that. The person might have understood his mistake and genuinely wants to be with you, but there are chances that they might ghost you again. So make sure that you have open communication with your partner this time, ask them about this relationship status, make sure that you both are on the same page. Even if you think you are being ghosted again, try having an open dialogue, and if things don't work out, it's better to forget that person forever. 

With this, we  want to tell you that it's okay if you are being ghosted. Maybe that relationship was never meant for you. So chin up, and move forward in life. Things may get difficult, but there's nothing more important than being happy in life. So move forward, and we are sure you will soon find THE one you have been looking for.

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