7 Questions People Will Ask You As A Couple Post Marriage


You enjoy all the wedding functions, go through all the wedding planning stress, and finally get married to the love of your life. And if you think all the planning and celebrations at the last minute - you are so wrong. As a couple, you not only have post-marriage rituals to follow, there are also tons of questions that people have for you. It's not every day they come across newlywed couples, but when they do, they have some questions that they absolutely love asking. 

So if you are newly wed and don't want to be in an awkward situation when people ask you questions, how about you prepare for it beforehand? Fret not, we have created a perfect guide for you that'll help you prepare the answers. Here are seven questions people will ask you post-marriage. 

7 Popular Questions Couples Get Asked Post-Marriage

  1. Aren't You Sad That All The Functions Are Over? You plan for your dream wedding for months, and within a few days, everything gets over. Yes, wedding functions cannot last forever, but when they get over, you surely feel sad about it. And you miss it even more when people ask such questions. Of course, you are sad, but you don't need to show this to them. So when it comes to answering this question, you should say, "Of course we miss it, but that's why we hired a fabulous photographer who has captured all our wedding moments beautifully and they'll be with us forever." Remember, even if your wedding functions are over, you have a new life to start post-marriage. 
  1. Did You Enjoy Your Honeymoon?: You are in love, and it's your first trip together post-marriage.Of course, you will enjoy your honeymoon. But when people ask you this question, they don't expect you to answer a YES or NO - they expect a lengthy answer. No matter how many vacations you have taken with your partner before marriage, the honeymoon will always be special - hence when it comes to answering this question, describe how beautiful the place was, number of places you visited, sunsets you enjoyed, etc. People really enjoy knowing about such things, and the more excited you sound, the more they appreciate it. So now, when someone asks you this question, as a couple, you know what to answer. 
  1. Are You Happy That All The Wedding Planning Stress Is Over? When it comes to planning a wedding, of course, you were stressed but enjoyed every bit of it. It has become a part of your routine, and now that it's over, you miss it. So, when people ask you this question, don't take it in a wrong way- they are not taunting you- instead what they are curious to know is how are you handling your post-marriage life and what are the new hobbies that you have taken up as a couple. So don't get offended by this question; answer it smartly. 
  1. How Does It Feel To Get Married? People who ask you this question may not know if you were living together before marriage, and even if you were, it shouldn't be a topic of discussion with them. They ask this question because getting married is a huge milestone for them; talk about how you feel. If you don't feel like explaining things as a whole, give short answers like, "Yes, we are enjoying the process, can't wait to grow old together," or "We are still the same with each other, so not much of a difference." A small answer like this will also make the person happy because you are acknowledging their feelings. 
  1. What About Kids? Okay, we agree! This question can make you mad because you have just got married, and it's not something you expect anyone to ask you post-marriage. But trust us, this is the most asked question and if you want to answer this smartly without sounding rude, just say, "Not now, but in the future for sure!" Some people will also think that just because you went on a honeymoon, you are already pregnant, and it will be smart of you to just ignore such people. You don't have to feel pressured to answer the questions as a couple - if you don't want to answer, you don't have to. Feel free to not answer the question at all!
  1. Are You Planning To Move Out? Some couples decide to live with their family post-marriage, whereas others want to start a new life together. And there's nothing wrong with  either of them. However, when people ask you such questions, they put you in a guilty spot, where you don't know what to say because you are afraid of being judged. Hence, the best thing to do is, ignore the question by saying, "It's too early to think about it." Even if you may have decided or already know what you want as a couple, the world doesn't need to know about it. So it's better to leave this question by answering it in one single line. 
  1. What Are Your Future Plans? You have just got married, and we are sure you are still in the honeymoon phase, so when people ask you such questions, they indirectly give you a reality check. However, don't get bothered by the answer simply saying: "We have some plans." They don't need to know what it is, nor will they ask. Answer in one sentence and end the topic there and then. 

Post-marriage life is quite beautiful, so don't let anyone or any question affect you. As a couple, you know what you want from life, so these questions shouldn't concern you much. Just answer the questions smartly, and within no time, you will be done with these questions.

On that note, what's one question you dread people asking you post-marriage? Let us know in the comments below.

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