7 Long-Distance Date Ideas You Must Try ASAP

long-distance date ideas

Relationships, be it wedding, live-in or casual, are tricky while love is necessary. Other things that bind relationships together are trust, compassion, honesty, and kindness. And while living with your partner and working on the relationship is difficult at times- however, one more difficult thing than that is planning a memorable date with your BAE in a long-distance relationship, especially after marriage. Long-distance dates are different since you are not with each other physically and everything that takes place happens via the internet. 

So dear lover, if you are planning a long-distance date with your partner after marriage and are out of date ideas, then don't worry, we've got you covered with this one. Here are seven long-distance date ideas that you must check out right away!

Long-Distance Date Ideas To Try With Your BAE ASAP

  1. Cook Together: Well, if you are bored of the same usual dinner date, how about you cook together this time and that too, virtually, sounds fun? Right! You can mutually decide on the recipe, sort the ingredients a day or two before the date, and then do a long Zoom call to start the cooking process. It's fun, and you will genuinely feel that your partner is right beside you. You can talk about things happening in general, compete with each other to see whose dish looks better, and so on. It will be an engaging date where  not only you cook your meal, but also eat it with your loved one, which is the beauty of marriage. Now that's one of the long-distance date ideas that you must try. 
  1. Binge Watch A TV Show Together: Did you watch the first season of Emily in Paris together? If yes, then guess what? It's time to binge-watch the second season together as well. You can create a long-distance date night even after marriage, where you both dress up for each other, arrange your favorite snacks, sip some wine, talk for a while and then start watching a show that both of you like. You can continuously talk about the characters, the twists, and so much more - eventually, you will feel that you are at one place watching it together. Long-distance relationships require work. And if you do the damn work, there's nothing like it! 
  1. Go On A Walk Together: Now, this one is the most uncommon yet oddly romantic long-distance date idea that you might have come across. Finish all your daily chores and work, set a time, and go for a walk together at your respective places. You can constantly be on the phone with your BAE, talk about things around you, things that you see, and ask them to do the same. Trust us, even after the wedding, this is the most romantic long-distance date idea. It will not only be a breather from the normal calls, but you will also have something new to talk about. And while you walk, you can also reminisce about the days when you held hands and walked together in your favorite park, etc. Now, doesn't that sound romantic? 
  1. Order Food For Each Other: If you are planning an indoor date post wedding, we have the cutest long-distance date idea for you. Ask your partner to set up a table with no food on it, and then surprise them by sending their favorite dishes over. And here, the only rule is that you have to surprise your BAE with what you have ordered for them. They shouldn't know the deal until the food arrives at the door otherwise your surprise will be ruined. So, use this idea, let’s see how well you know each other, especially after marriage. 
  1. Plan A Dinner Date: There may be multiple long-distance date ideas, but this particular one will never lose its charm. As soon as the weekend arrives, plan a cute dinner date with your partner. Get some flowers and wine delivered at their place, and to have an authentic feel, you can have the same meal and catch up about work and other stuff with each other. Put on some music in the background, sing together, and there you have a perfect virtual date. Always remember that if you play the right cards, long-distance relationships are so much fun, even after marriage. 
  1. Play Fun Games: If you are not in a mood to have the classic dinner or movie date, how about playing some fun games with your partner online! It's one of the cutest date ideas, and you must consider it for your upcoming date. There are tons of games online; you can challenge your partner in a few games, get a bit competitive and enjoy each other's company. Dates are not always supposed to be romantic - you deserve to have fun, even in long-distance relationships post wedding. So get your gaming hat on and plan a fun game night NOW! 
  1. Talk And Cherish The Good Old Days: Long-distance relationships are tough, especially if you don't know when you will see your partner next. To deal with all the separation anxiety, you can plan a date where you talk about love, your future, and all the times you have spent with each other. Put on your best dress, have a bottle of wine next to you,  and talk all your feelings out. It's okay to be vulnerable with your partner, and you must say everything you have in your mind. Your partner will appreciate all the love and might reciprocate the same way. 

Whether you want to plan it post wedding or before it, there are tons of long-distance date ideas, but these are the cutest ones, and if you have been in a long-distance relationship for a while now, we suggest you try all these date ideas soon. In case you have tried something sweeter than this, don't shy away from sharing it with us in the comments below. We would love to hear them!

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