6 Ways To Rebuild The Romance In A Long Distance Relationship

Relationships need work; no matter how well you know each other, no matter the relationship you share with your partner - you need to work on your relationship every day. And while factors like understanding, trust and mutual respect plays a huge role, it's also the romance aspect which is quite substantial. And when you meet each other quite often, the romance aspect is also taken care of. However, when it comes to long-distance relationships, trust and understanding always take the front seat, but after a point, romance takes a back seat. And if you have been or are in a long-distance relationship for a while now, you will understand what we mean. Yes, you love the person, but if somehow the love has been lost on the way, then we are here to help. 

Here are six ways to rebuild romance in your long-distance relationship. Read on right away. 

Ways To Rebuild Romance in A Long-Distance Relationship 

  1. Start Communicating Your Feelings: Everything takes time to build; hence when you plan to rebuild romance in your long-distance relationship, always start with baby steps. First step will be communication. Talk about how you have been feeling lately. If you are feeling a disconnection, mention that if you think your relationship has become monotonous, ensure that your partner knows about it. Till you don't talk about your feelings, nothing will change. Don't keep the attitude of ‘this is what it is’; if you want to add that fire in your relationship, you need to be open about your feelings first. 
  1. Make Efforts: When you are in a long-distance relationship for too long, you start taking everything lightly. Be it your partner, their wants or feelings; everything suddenly becomes too comfortable for you. However, if you want to rebuild that fiery passion and romance in your relationship, then start making efforts without wasting any time. Dress up, plan dates, play hard to get and do everything you did at the start of your relationship. When you make an effort, it will motivate your partner to do the same, thereby restoring that fire in the relationship. Remember: If you love the person, there's no harm in taking the first step; it depends on how badly you want it. 
  1. Plan Dates: No, we don't solely mean candlelight dinners. Plan movie nights, cooking nights, grocery shopping nights; basically, don't restrict yourself to mundane date ideas. Go all out and plan all the weird, fun, kinky, etc., dates you want. Do things you like doing as a couple, or try something new together. The more you are with each other-the more romance you will rekindle in your relationship. And after the wedding too, don’t stop doing this. With your busy lives and long-distance relationships, you are not getting enough time to spend with each other. So plan a surprise date, even if it's an online one, and make the most of your time together. 
  1. Say No To Work Talks: The best and worst part about being in a long-distance relationship is that whenever you talk, the starting and ending conversation is about work. Yes, it's a great thing that you want to share everything with your partner, but somewhere down the line, you are just having boring conversations with no romance in it. So, it's time to make a switch. Make a pact with your partner that at least twice a week, you will just talk about the two of you. No work, no boss, no office politics, just the two of you and your future together. 
  1. Say Yes To Surprises: If a long weekend is coming your way, make the most of it by spending time with your partner. If they live in a different city, surprise them by going to their city without informing them. Spend time with them, show your affection, how grateful you are for them and how much you love them. Even if you can't be there in person, send flowers, their favorite food, letters, movie tickets, and more. Just because you are in a long-distance relationship, it doesn't mean that you cannot be there with each other. You can, infact, use the most creative ways to be with each other. 
  1. Learn To Grow With Each Other: You may not be the same like you were 2 years ago, and that's fine because we all grow with age and time. However, one thing that you should learn is to grow with each other. This will help after the wedding too. Learn to accept your partner's flaws, show them yours, and be okay with the changes and try adapting them. Once you understand each other, no matter whether you meet daily or once in three months, the romance will be there, no matter what happens. 

We understand that a long-distance relationship can be tough, but with patience, positive attitude and love, you can rebuild that romance and get crazy about each other all over again. All you need to do is work on it, and don't shy away in acknowledging that you have become a bit distant.

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