6 Ways To Know If Your BAE Is Having A Rough Time

rough time

There are some days when you will feel that your partner is behaving a bit differently. There will be times when you think that you are not communicating enough with your betterhalf, and you will start thinking that you have lost the spark in the relationship. However, while that can be the case, there's also a possibility that your partner is going through a rough phase in their life, which you might have overlooked. 

People react differently to different situations - some like to share while others become distant. And if your partner has become distant lately, maybe they have something going on in their life. Here are six ways to help you understand if your partner is having a rough time. 

Ways To Help You Understand If Your Partner Is Having A Rough Time 

  1. They Are Not Sleeping Well: If you find your partner tossing on the bed at night and not getting enough sleep, then there's a possibility that they are going through a rough time. It can be because of work stress,  some personal issue, or they are exhausted with the work they have. So instead of thinking that they are upset with you, talk to them and clear the air. Try and understand what's bothering them, help them find a solution, and if they aren't sharing much about it, let me know you love them, and give them that space to sort it out by themselves. Eventually, they will snap out of it- you have to be patient. 
  1. They Are Having Mood Swings: If your partner is kind, understanding, and calm, and is suddenly acting weird, then there are chances that your partner is having a rough time. Mood swings are because of stress, personal issues, and anxiety, and if you notice mood swings in your partner, make sure to handle them carefully. Let them have some space, take them out to a nice place, talk to them, and ask what is bothering them. You need to assure them that no matter whatever the issue is, you are always with them, and things will be fine soon. It will give them the confidence to be more vocal about the problem they are facing.
  1. They Have Become Silent: When a person is going through something and is having a rough time, they usually become mute. It is so because they constantly think of the issue in their head and prefer to keep quiet for the time being, and when you observe that your chirpy partner has become silent, it means that something is bothering them. So don't ignore this sign, and the best way to tackle the situation is by staying calm and giving them some time. Give them some time to process what's happening and take care of them even if they pretend things are fine. You know they are not, so be there for them.
  1. They Have Started Becoming Angry: Ups and downs are a part of every relationship, and as a couple, you must know how to deal with each other in a time of distress. So at any point, if you feel that your otherwise calm partner has started getting aggressive on little things, this may be because something is wrong in their life. The issue could be personal or professional. You may not know that they need you. So be there with them, handle their anger, try and pacify them and don't lose your cool. If you react to their anger, they will feel more stressed and even guilty to treat you this way. 
  1. They Are Not Eating Well: If your partner has started skipping meals and gets irked when you ask them about it, definitely something is up with them. Try preparing their favorite dishes, comfort them with their soul food and assure them that you are here. Everyone goes through a rough time in their lives, and when they know that they have someone they can rely on, things get simpler for them. And you have to be that reliable source for your partner. So stay calm, understand the sensitivity of the situation and act wisely. We are sure your partner will see these efforts and loosen up a bit. 
  1. They Have Stopped Going Out: If your partner loves planning date nights for you and is fond of chilling with friends, watching movies, and shopping, then definitely they enjoy being out. However, from time to time, if you see your partner not making any plans with their friends or you, and not enjoying their social life, that's a sign that something is wrong with them. And to confirm that what you are thinking is correct, talk to them once. Plan a date and wait for their reaction - check if they are keen to go out or just want to order some food inside. It will help you deal with the situation in a better manner. 

Dear couple, not every day can be a happy day in a relationship, and you need to learn to deal with it. Your partner might have a rough time, and if you understand them well, try to find out what's bothering them instead of jumping to some conclusion. Make sure you know the situation before you ask them too many questions - remember they need you, so be there for them. 

On that note, how do you deal with your partner when they are having a rough time? Do share it with us in the comments.

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