Remember 6 Things While Signing Up For a Matrimony Platform


Internet. When you hear this word, so many things must be going through your mind frantically. It has gifted our generation a wide range of things that were simply unthinkable a few years back. From finding a job to love, there are infinite opportunities at our disposal to grab with a simple click. However, when you go on a journey to find whatever you require, it is critical to understand the dos and don'ts. 

Talking about journeys, a suitable betterhalf can improve the quality of your journey by many folds. And in current times, you don’t even need to step out of your house to find a partner. The Internet has brought this (too!) to your home. Several matrimonial platforms are providing opportunities to find your partner, at your terms and compatibilities. 

This could be an insightful read if you’re someone who finds yourself confused about what to do after downloading a matrimonial app or someone who immediately thinks “What if I’m entirely incorrect and wasting my time by choosing to sign up for this?”. You’ll be happy to know that you are not alone in this. And we understand it. Today, we’ll look at what you should know before signing up for a dating or marriage platform to make the process smooth. 

God Lies in the Details. 

After innumerous yes and no, once you sign up for a matchmaking platform, the most basic aspect of the process that many people often ignore is to set up the basic details in your profile right. 

Doing this wrongly indicates you are not even serious about yourself, leave aside your partner. By filling in your basic details, you showcase an authentic version of yourself, and it helps you find better connections. Some of the few examples doing it right are as follows:

  1. Fill in the name, height, weight and other details honestly.
  2. Fill in a good bio that describes you. (If not completely, a bit at least)
  3. State your partner preferences clearly
  4. Put the latest decent picture showing the real you. (Too many filters will only harm you in the long run).
  5. Mention location, community and culture.
  6. What is your intention of coming on a matrimony platform?
  7. Don’t put a group picture as your display picture on the platform. 

Patience Will Help You Win that Compatible Betterhalf

Finding your partner with the help of technology is not the same as ordering food online, where you get the delivery in a few minutes. Finding something precious and pure as love through online platforms demands patience. A lot of patience. It would be better for you to not go with the expectation that there will be a queue of compatible partners as soon as you sign up. Have patience initially. Don’t stress out if things aren't moving the way you’d imagined in the first place. 

While all of this, have trust that you will find that compatible partner. You only need to have the right amount of patience with yourself and the connections you get on the platform. Spend some time there, have good conversations, and see how things are panning out. Also, control yourself from going into a short-term relationship as there is no rush to make decisions. 

Making the First Move Never Goes Out of Fashion

You often hear people around you saying how making the first move is a sign of desperation. Well, first, stay away from such people. Second, we are telling you that it is an intelligent and mature thing to do if done in the right way and until you’re not offending anyone. You never know if you’ve missed your soulmate because you both believed that it is rude to make the first move. 

When you are on a marriage platform, you are here to find love, and so are other people. If you have come across people whose profiles are genuine, you would surely not want to miss the opportunity. To know them, it’s a must to make the first move by yourself. You never know what this move could lead you to. Also, always remember if you never ask, the answer will remain a NO. 

An Open Mind will Attract the Right-minded Connection

One of the important things when signing up for a matrimony platform is to keep your mind open to all kinds of possibilities. This will help you find someone different from yourself and who has had different experiences from yourself. When you find a connection, don’t jump on the train of conclusion. It might be possible that you find some things about your partner unusual but never discard them right away unless it is something harmful and toxic. 

Ready for the moment if a match tells you that they never had maggie in their life or they don’t know how to ride a bicycle or they have never been in a relationship and believe in true love. Refrain yourself from judging in such situations and see how amazing it can be to keep an open mind. 

Invest Yourself in Finding Your Betterhalf. 

One of the major disappointments that people face on matrimonial platforms is uncalibrated expectations from the relationship. Right from the moment of filling in the first sign-in details on a platform, you should be determined to invest yourself in finding your betterhalf. To be able to perform it in the right way, you will have to be sensible and emotionally intelligent from the very start. 

When you find a few connections, always start by stating clearly what exactly you are looking for and what are your expectations from a relationship. And then, ask the same from your connection. Being clear about your needs will help both of you calibrate perfectly. 

Interesting Conversations Lead to Interesting Connections

Conversations are one of the most important aspects of signing up for a marriage platform. Because initially, you will not be meeting with your connections. Instead, texting will be your only option, and whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, each of us is interesting in our unique ways. When you find a connection, never shy away from talking about things in which you have an interest. You never know which topic can strike the right chord with your potential betterhalf.  

Ask questions about their interests, as this will help you know the connection more. Do not get yourself caught up in the vicious loop of “what will s/he think if I start talking about it?”. Never stop being YOURSELF as you know - “If it’s meant to be, it will.” 

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