6 Subtle Ways Of Saying NO Without Hurting Feelings of Your Partner

no in a relationship

No one likes to hear NO in a relationship, especially in marriage. No is a negative word for sure - it always doesn't mean bad. If you are saying no to someone, it doesn't mean that you are being rude or trying to disrespect them. It just means that you are vocal about your feelings just like they are. And when it comes to relationships, saying no can get a bit difficult at times, so instead of saying it directly, there are several subtle ways of saying no without hurting the other person's feelings. 

So if you are someone who finds it difficult to say no in a relationship, here are six subtle ways of saying no that will definitely help you overcome the hurdle. Take charge of your feelings and make sure to consider others by being empathetic as well while saying no. 

6 Subtle Ways Of Saying No To Someone In A Relationship And Marriage

  1. Be Direct: Now, before you consider that saying no in a relationship/ marriage directly is rude, you should know that there's a difference between being rude and being direct. If you are direct, another person will appreciate your honesty and sincerity post marriage. It's your life, and you get to decide what you want in life, and choosing something right for yourself doesn't make you rude. If you don't feel you are in a headspace to be intimately involved in a relationship with someone - be vocal about it. It's always better to say things truthfully than hurt someone later. 
  1. Give Them Respect: Often, no is taken negatively, and if you feel that NO is a negative word too, then there are subtle ways of saying it. So when someone expresses their feelings for you, respect their feelings, and don't make fun of them. Treat them with respect and kindness, and make them understand what you feel and why you feel a certain way. Be kind and thoughtful even if you have the power to reject them right away, don't abuse power by doing so- choose your words carefully, make them understand, and sort it. Remember, at some point, you can even be in that situation. Even after marriage, you have to do this, don’t take anyone or let anyone take you for granted. 
  1. Be Thankful: Saying no in a relationship, even after marriage is difficult. And while doing so, make sure to appreciate the other person's feelings. If that person likes you and wants to be with you, take that as a compliment. So while saying no to the person, make sure you express gratitude as well. Show them that you are thankful that they look at you a certain way. This gesture of yours will make their day - they will start respecting you more. Acknowledging someone's feelings and being thankful is always an act of kindness that you must follow. Just because you don't like the other person, you shouldn't act mean to them.
  1. Be Firm With Your Decisions: Some people can't handle the word NO. Yes, there are subtle ways of saying no in a matrimony, but not everyone appreciates NO as a response. So while saying no in a relationship even in your matrimony, make sure to be firm about it. If the other person is not willing to take NO for an answer, just cut them out of your lives for a while. Ensure they get the message through your actions, if not by words. Give them the needed time to come to terms with your decisions. And if you still feel that they are hung up on you, make someone chat to him on your behalf and make him realize! Don't change your decision once you make it. Once the other person knows that you are firm with your decision, they will take time but understand your situation.  
  1. Don't Bring Friendship In Between: When Karan Johar said, ''Love Is Friendship," it sounded great and had a profound meaning to it. However, it's not necessary to always be in love with your friend. You can be friends without having romantic feelings for each other. If your friend has started loving you and is expressing their feelings,  use the subtle ways of saying no instead of tarnishing your relationship with them. They are your friends before anything else, and you must remember that. Don't ruin the friendship because of this. Unless the other person asks for time to deal with their feelings, don't act aloof or distant. Remember, they are and will always be your friends. Give them time to process and try everything in your will to save the friendship. 
  1. Be Responsible: While there are several subtle ways of saying no, this one matters. If you don't have feelings for another person as they do, then you better act responsibly about it. Everyone is responsible for their feelings- so instead of shying away from it, face the situation head-on. Do not procrastinate and sit on your decision. If you are clear that you are going to say NO to the other person, then do it sooner than by doing it later. You will never have the right time to do it, so it is always better to do it immediately without giving them hope or delaying it for any reason. If you are someone who cannot say no in a relationship, take the help of someone but make sure to set your intentions right. 

These are the subtle ways of saying no to someone without hurting their feelings and ensuring that you do so. Don't ever leave anyone hanging - if your answer is NO, be vocal and deal with the situation. On that note, how do you deal with saying no to people, do let us know in the comments below?

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