6 Signs That You Have Found Your Compatible Betterhalf!

One of the major complaints of people searching for their partners is the absence of that special ‘spark’ or ‘click between them. It happens in both cases — whether you are meeting someone new or with whom you went on a few dates. Searching for a compatible partner in the pursuit of your matrimonial journey can be a tough task. Why? Because compatibility is not about a picture-perfect romance. 

A relationship is all about understanding and living with the imperfections of each other in a near-perfect way. So how will you know that you have found out your compatible betterhalf? What are those signs that will help you believe so? Will you feel that musicians are playing violins all around you when you are with that person? 

Well, at betterhalf, we believe that you should know the different aspects of a compatible relationship with your partner with whom you can even see your dream of marriage turning true in the near future. We would like you to have a look and decide for yourself. 

1. When Together, You Feel Like You’ve Known Each Other All Your Lives

One of the crucial indicators of compatibility between two persons wanting to complete their respective matrimonial journeys is the quality of time spent together. When you meet a person for the first time, and you don’t even feel like it. Instead, it’s like you always knew each other, and were waiting for the meeting to happen after a short break. When both of you find common things to talk about, naturally and effortlessly. When talking with each other, hours pass by, and both of you lose the sense of time. 

2. You Can Be TOTALLY Yourself Around Them Without Any Discomfort

You don’t want to spend your whole life with a person with whom you cannot be yourself and feel a sense of comfort. A compatible partner would make you feel comfortable by actions, words, and little gestures. And this is one of those things that you can feel immediately when you meet each other. 

When we talk about making you feel comfortable, it doesn’t mean agreeing on things by letting go of your conscience and moral values. Mutually disagreeing on different topics and trying to understand each other wholeheartedly can also be a sign of making you feel comfortable. For some, the meaning of comfort can be the space where they can share a dark or sarcastic sense of humor in presence of their compatible ones only. 

3. You TOTALLY Understand Each Other with the Required Empathy. 

When you’re with that right matrimony life partner, you will always understand each other with a sense of empathy. This understanding can be about taking each other’s mean and rude jokes sportingly or listening to your partner when s/he had a tough day at work. With the right person, you get the security of letting yourself be completely vulnerable and speaking your heart out. We are not getting small fights out of the equation. But this shared understanding and respect will help you mitigate them without any trouble. 

4. Hold My heart, I See Multiple ‘Clicks’!

Witnessing  multiple ‘Clicks’ with each other is one of the key signs to find someone compatible. There is no hardcore definiton of click. It is something people feel in their hearts. The right person will give you innumerable ‘ Right Click’ moments when you are with each other. And this is one of those things that will be different for different people as per their wavelengths of emotions, likes, dislikes, etc. After a few meetings through different channels, the number of clicks determines if a person holds the potential to be the compatible one. 

5. Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice!

Every day will not be the same in your life, and if your partner understands this, life will be easier for both of you. The most important quality in the right person is that s/he will make you enjoy the not-so-great days in a great manner. Compatible partners can even make difficult conversations a walk in the park. You will always know in your heart that anything you share will hurt neither them nor your relationship as the other person will try to understand things. 

6. Your Partner Brings Balance to Your Life, and You Do the Same to Him. 

Life is all about finding that right balance, and if a person is bringing the same to your life, you should consider yourself blessed. We don’t realize how a person can bring balance to your life in many different ways. It can be as simple as observing your little personality traits and telling you how to improve or enhance them. The simplest of things done by a compatible matrimonial partner can make a whole lot of difference to your life. What you only need to do is to open your eyes and also, heart. 

Consider yourself luckier than many Indians looking for a partner through matrimony apps and other avenues, if you share a maximum of these above-mentioned points with your partner. If not, you can seek your compatibility score here.

Please tell us in the comments below what are those other signs that make you think your partner is compatible. We’re waiting!

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