6 Quirky Relationship Vows Every Couple Should Know

Quirky Relationship vows

Relationships are built on trust, love, mutual understanding, and communication. However, one thing that binds it all together is the relationship vows you take with your partner. When it comes to vows, couples usually don't take them only at their weddings — some couples also like writing vows for each other on birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. And thanks to all the rom-coms and chick flicks, some vows have become way too common among people. 

And if you are in the process of writing vows,  here are some quirky relationship vows that you must consider including in your list. These vows will not only define your love and understanding but also break the monotony and make things exciting for you and your partner. 

Quirky Relationship Vows You Must Write For Your Partner

  1. I Promise To Give You The Space You Need At Times: Traditionally, relationship vows are all about respecting and loving each other in health and sickness. However, we millennials need so much more than that. And this vow should make it to your list. Promise your partner that if and when they need some time off and space to deal with things, you will give them that. Couples should understand the importance of personal space and ‘ME Time’   as it not only strengthens your relationship but also lets you be yourself. So this one should be on your vow list, and we assure you that it will WOW your partner. 
  1. I Promise To Help You And Respect Your Time: When it comes to marriage and living together, society always expects the women to do all the household chores, while the men solely act as the breadwinner. However, times are changing; and with changing times, our vows should change too. Dear men, promise your partner that you will help them with the house chores, take the equal load and respect their time, just like you want them to value yours. It is one of the quirky relationship vows but is a much-needed one, especially today when our lives are all about the hustle. 
  1. I Promise To Support Your Dream And Help You Achieve Your Goals: Dreams see no gender and no relationship, and as life partners, you must not only love each other and support each other through thick and thin but also motivate each other. Promise your partner that no matter what their dream is, no matter what their goals and aspirations are, you will be their biggest cheerleader, and help them accomplish all their goals. Sometimes, we tend to sacrifice our personal goals in a relationship - However, when you promise to support your partner in achieving their goals, it not only deepens your bond but also takes your connection to the next level. Hence, this is one of the many quirky relationships vows that all the couples out there must take. 
  1. I Promise To Listen To Everything You Have To Say: Be it any relationship, it's always incomplete without communication. Communication is the key to every successful relationship, and couples sometimes take this bit for granted. Communication isn't about talking about your daily lives — a large part of communication is patiently listening to what your partner has to say. Promise your partner that you will patiently listen to them under all the circumstances no matter what happens. It doesn't matter if you are married or not; for a healthy relationship, you must ensure that you pay attention to what your partner is saying. A good listener is a good talker - hence remember to add this as one of the relationship vows to your list. 
  1. I Promise To Fight All The Battles Of Life As A Team: As per traditional vows, a man usually promises his lady to protect her and fight all her battles. But today, we need more than that. We need equality, teamwork, and a supportive partner. So dear couples, as one of the quirky relationship vows, make sure that you add this one to the list. You have to fight all the battles in life as a team, so instead of promising that you will fight all the battles and protect your partner, take a vow that no matter what challenges life throws at you, you will sail through it as a team. 
  1. I Promise To Let You Be Yourself: Often, when a woman gets married or is in a relationship, she has to choose between being herself and being the ideal type that society wants her to be. And as a supportive partner, it's your job to ensure that she doesn't lose her authentic self. So, make a promise to your lady that you will never impose your ideas on her. She will have the liberty to dress the way she wants, speak her mind and do everything her heart desires. Make a promise that she will be herself even after getting married. No one should lose themselves after getting married, and it's your job as their betterhalf to ensure that you don't impose your thoughts and beliefs on them. 

So lovebirds, if you are writing your relationship vows, and want to make them quirky and modern,  make sure that you add these vows. And not only these, make your vows based on how well you know your partner and the future life you imagine with them. Ditch the traditional vows and choose the vows of the quirky relationship. And while you do that, do let us know that one quirky vow, that you have written for your beloved one, in the comments below. And if you are planning to write one soon, do let us know which one from the list you will pick.

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