6 Fun Things Couples Should Do Before Planning A Baby


When you are in a relationship, everyone around you will ask about your wedding plans. They would want to know when you are taking the final plunge and settling in life. And once you take that plunge and marry the love of your life, the next question people start bothering you is when are you planning to have a baby? Now, you and your partner might love kids and want to be parents, but that's in the future. 

As a couple, there's a lot to do once you get married, you not only have to secure your financial future, but you also want to know how to settle well in your careers and attain goals. To have a baby, you not only need security but also need stability-  hence, as couples, you can deal with the baby planning later and do these fun things first. Here are six things every couple should do before planning a baby. 

6 Things Couples Should Consider Doing Before Planning A Baby 

  1. Go On Adventures: When you embrace parenthood, you cannot be as wild and free as you want to be; hence, one thing you should do before planning a baby is tick off all the adventures from your bucket list. From skydiving to bungee jumping and trekking, do everything your heart desires. Go backpacking in Europe, plan a fun road trip with your partner - there's plenty of time and a lot for you two to do. So be adventurous and do everything you always wanted to as a couple. Since once you have a toddler at home, you won't get to be reckless and fearless. So now is your team to fulfill all your crazy dreams. 
  1. Take All The Vacations You Want: Kids are super cute and adorable, they bring joy to our lives, but they are also a huge responsibility. From changing their diapers to prepping them for junior school, parenthood is filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. So before planning a baby, dear couples, you should consider going on multiple vacations. Plan a fun weekend getaway for your BAE, go on long trips, take that one luxurious staycation and explore each other even more. It will not only strengthen your bond, but you will also cherish the time you spend together as a couple before becoming parents to a newborn. 
  1. Plan Multiple Date Nights: When you get married, you have a lot of time to spend with each other before you start planning a baby. So make the most of the time by painting the town red in your style. Go to your favorite nightclubs, have brunch at fancy restaurants, explore your city and life a bit more, and make the most of the romantic time you spend with each other. People say kids don't change much in your life, but we assure you that after you have kids you cannot party all night without not feeling guilty about it. So if now is your time, make the most of it by planning cutesy things for each other. 
  1. Work On The Intimacy: Before planning a baby, get to know each other physically and emotionally. Fulfill all your sexual fantasies, spice things, and connect like never before. Bond with each other over a glass of fine champagne, work on the emotional intimacy, and focus on being with each other. Because, once you have kids, your attention and love get divided- so make use of the time, and express all your love to each other. Make every moment romantic and live to the fullest before you start planning a baby. 
  1. Attain Professional Goals: We are sure you aspire to achieve something big in your career, and even after marriage, nothing should slow you down. So before becoming a parent, focus on achieving your goal, set targets, fulfill them and make sure that you have no regrets in life. It is also a perfect time to make a career switch if you want to because once you have a baby, the responsibility increases automatically. So be ready to experiment when you are just the two of you - you can risk things and achieve everything your heart desires. Nothing is more fulfilling than accomplishing your goals before becoming a parent. 
  1. Have Fun With Friends: Once you become a parent, the initial years of your life will be about you, your partner, and the baby you two have. Hence, before you get to the baby phase, make sure to have fun with your friends. Plan fun trips and night outs with your friends, plan house parties before you baby-proof the apartment, and just be reckless and wild with your squad before you start taking life seriously. Your friends have been with you for every milestone you have achieved, and they will be more than happy to be aunts and uncles, but for now, just let loose. 

Planning a baby is a huge responsibility for all the couples out there since there's a lot that you need to consider before starting that chapter of your life. Hence, before that, it's necessary to live your life to its fullest. Experience, experiment and cherish every moment you spend together as a couple since these things will last you a lifetime.

On that note, what's one fun thing you want to do with your partner before planning a baby? Let us know in the comments below.

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