6 Boundaries You Should Set For A Healthy Relationship

healthy relationship

A healthy relationship is always built on love, trust, and companionship. And while trying to attain the level of trust and honesty in your relationship is vital, setting boundaries is necessary too. When we talk about setting boundaries, it isn't in a bad light-in fact, boundaries help you grow as an individual in a relationship. It not only helps you keep your mental health in check but also ensures that you are away from all the toxicity. 

From physical, emotional, and social-boundaries are of different kinds. And they help you balance the relationship without worrying too much about the future. With that said, here are six boundaries that you must set for a healthy relationship. Read on to know more. 

Why Do You Need Boundaries In A Relationship?

  1. Don't Compromise On Your Self-Respect: You are in a relationship- however, putting yourself and your needs first is always important. Don't do things that will make you compromise on your self-respect. Always do things that you believe in, follow your ideology, but don't try imposing them on others. The boundary will not only maintain the health of your relationship but will also ensure that you don't lose your values and thoughts in the relationship. It's important to be an individual in a healthy relationship, so you know how to strike a perfect balance.
  1. Don't Please People: You want to make your partner happy, that's a good thing; plan a date for them, pamper them with gifts, or take them on a trip. However, making happy is very different from pleasing. When it comes to pleasing- you will always do it so that you don't upset your partner in any way. You will always make sure that you are at your best around your partner, and it only results in you feeling contempt. You will start idealizing your partner and lowering your value in the relationship, which can potentially also lead to a breakup. 
  1. No Is A No: As couples, you don't have to agree on everything the other person says. You can have differences of opinion too, and if you feel that something is not right, don’t hesitate from saying it out loud. You don't need to say yes, just because your partner wants you to. You can say no and still be in a healthy relationship. Setting such boundaries in a relationship helps it become more honest and right. You feel safe and happy because this space allows you to speak your mind without judging you too much. 
  1. Ask For Help: Humans need help, PERIOD! You cannot do everything on your own; like others, you need help too. So stop being a superhero, and whenever you think you need your partner's help, ask for it. You won't become small if you ask for help, nor will your partner start thinking less of you. That’s why focus on the problem, get help and end it there itself. At times, if you are unable to manage the household chores, ask your partner to step in and help- if you are sick and don't feel like cooking, ask your betterhalf to take care of the kitchen for once. A healthy relationship is based on partnership, so don't shy away from help. 
  1. Your Mental Health Is Important: When you set boundaries, not only are you in a healthy relationship, but you are also in a safe space where you feel happy almost always.-Before you try doing something for your partner, take care of your mental health. Journal your thoughts, talk about your feelings and if you are not okay with something, ensure that your partner knows about it. If you prioritize your mental health over your relationship, you shouldn't feel guilty about it and make yourself a priority. Respect your partner's boundaries while setting yours- this way, you both will balance the relationship well while keeping your health sane. Be patient, enjoy the process and grow with it. 
  1. Balance The Relationship: A relationship is built by two people, so ensure that you two are equal in the relationship. There should be no room for power play, and all the decisions should be based on mutual consent. You should consider your partner's opinion before jumping to any conclusion. It's very important for you to feel heard in a relationship-hence setting boundaries will help you manage your relationship well. It will create a space where you know you are important, valued, and trusted. You will not only trust your partner more but will also value their advice. 

Boundaries are good, not only do they add more flavour and soul to your relationship, but they also help you stay in touch with your feelings. They help you trust each other more and hence you develop a healthy relationship. Do you think setting boundaries in a relationship is good? Let us know in the comments below. 

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