5 Ways How You Can Confess Love To Your Bestie

'Pyaar Dosti Hai,' this iconic dialogue from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, made us believe in the power of love, wedding and friendship. It instilled our faith in love and friendship and made us believe that we can fall in love with our best friends too. And there’s nothing wrong with it. And if you are someone who is in love with your bestie, and are afraid to confess your love, don't worry- we will help you sail through it. 

We know that you value your friendship a lot- hence there are five ways to confess to your BFF that you love them. This way, you will neither  lose your friend nor embarrass yourself. The point here is to express how you feel without overthinking about it. So read on, and you can thank us later. 

Here’s How You Can Confess Love To Your BFF

  1. Start By Giving Hints: Don't tell them directly - you will catch them off guard, and their reaction might disappoint you. So start by giving subtle hints to your bestie. Start with some healthy flirting, talk about romance, love, and relationships with them, be more affectionate, and do everything you feel is right. However, don't make it super obvious because they shouldn't feel weird around you or shouldn't think something is fishy. That’s why start by giving hints while maintaining the friendship, and when you think the time is right, you can tell them straight and maybe propose to them for marriage too. This way, they will be prepared and will give you the reaction that you deserve. 
  1. Confess Love At Your Favorite Spot: There's a lot you want to say, a lot you want to do - however, one thing you don't want to do is ruin your friendship. Hence whenever you plan to confess your love, make sure your besties are in a good mood; everything is okay with you two. Once you get a green signal, call them at your favorite hangout spot and confess your love there. Don't jump on the bandwagon and say I LOVE YOU directly- start by talking about your feelings, how you are seeing them differently, things that have changed from your end, and after all the build-up, say the three magical words to them. However, don't talk too much and keep things to the point, and if possible discuss the wedding too. 
  1. Confess In The Middle Of The Night: With less commotion, peaceful silence, and a sky full of stars - night time is the best  to confess your love for your bestie. Call them up at night, talk about things in general, and  your feelings. Talk about how things have been different for a while now - reminisce about the journey of your friendship and slowly come to the point. Don't make it awkward by being romantic, instead do it romantically without any what-ifs and buts. Make sure you have prepped for this once- so that you don't fumble too much. And while saying those three words, calm down and don't expect an answer immediately, they might take some time to process it, and you should be prepared for that as well. 
  1. Write It Down: If you are too shy or don't have the confidence to do this face to face or  too afraid to risk the friendship,  write a letter to your bestie. The letter shouldn't be too long - pen your feelings beautifully and ensure that what you mean comes across well. You can give them the letter with their favorite chocolate/ food item or mail it to them as well. It can be a physical one where you write it on paper or the email one - what matters is your feelings for them. You can do it poetically or be serious in the letter, the choice is yours. So make sure that you stick to the point and give them hints before sending the letter. They should know that today or tomorrow, you are awaiting the answer, and you are serious about taking things to the next level with them. 
  1. Make A Small Video For Them: If you are a creative person and want to go all out, how about you make a video for them and mention how you want to plan a wedding and a beautiful future with them. Make sure your video has a cute storyline. You can start the video with all the silly shots you have with them and then slowly get to the point where you confess your love for them. The video shouldn't be too long - remember you are not making a documentary, so stick to the point, ensure that everything you want to say is there. You can use some scenes from the movies you have watched together and narrate some of their favorite dialogues too. You can plan a movie night at your/their place, and right after the movie, you can play your video. Again, don't expect them to give an answer immediately, act normally and tell them it's okay if they want to take some time. Dear bestie, we know you want to be with them badly, but do everything with patience because you don’t want to ruin the friendship you have. 

Romantic relations come and go, but one thing that always remains constant is friendship. And if you have started loving your bestie in a different way, then do confess love using these tips, and we are sure they will appreciate your sincerity. Always remember that there’s nothing better than honest communication. And honest communication is equally important after marriage too. 

On that note, have you proposed to your bestie ever? If yes, how did that go, and how did you do it? Share it with us in the comments below. We would love to know all about it.

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