5 Unrealistic Relationship Goals You Must Ignore


Relationships and expectations go hand in hand. At times, we start expecting way too much in a relationship, which often results in heartbreaks. Expecting is not the wrong thing, setting unrealistic relationship goals are. So if you think that expecting your betterhalf to be with you 24*7, then that's irrational, while if you think that your partner should only share his problems with you, that's wrong too. 

Set only those expectations from your partner  that you'll be able to fulfill as well. Build your relationship on the pillars of trust, love, care, warmth, and affection because only such relationships last. Setting irrational goals on any relationship will not take it anywhere in the future. So dear couples, here are five things you must avoid by all means in your relationship.

Unrealistic Relationship Goals You Must Avoid Always 

  1. You Should Always Be The Apple Of His Eye: Your guy loves you a lot and will do everything to bring that one smile on your face. However, to consider that you should be the only one he should constantly focus on is one unrealistic relationship goal that you should keep at bay. Appreciate everything your partner does for you, and on days when he's not in a good mood, you shouldn't feel bad about it. He can have his share of good and bad days too, so let him be. As an individual, he has other people to meet and other places to be at, so when he is not with you, please don't complain about him. Your relationship should be based on trust and understanding- you should focus on the good part while leaving the unwanted mess behind. 
  1. You Always Need To Agree With Things : As a couple, you will have your share of differences too. Just because you are in a relationship with someone, it doesn't mean that you always have to agree with what your significant other has to say. As individuals, you both can have differences of opinion, and that's completely fine. Just because he doesn't agree with you on one issue, it doesn't mean that his love for you has vanished. A healthy relationship is one where you disagree, argue, and accept each other's opinions on a good note. You know your partner the best, and when it comes to love, you have to be considerate enough to let them have their own set of ideologies and opinions. Don't think that you will always be right, and he always has to agree with you, as this unrealistic relationship goal could harm your love life.
  1. He Should Change Because He Is With You: That's one unrealistic relationship goal that has often forced people to bring their relationship to an end. If your partner doesn't want you to change for him, then asking him to change who he is, is not only wrong but also very selfish of you. If you love him, you should accept him with all his flaws and shortcomings. No one is perfect, and when you start living with imperfection, you build yourself a safe environment. Expecting people to change for you will only lead to toxicity and nothing else. You shouldn't change for anyone, and similarly, not expect people to change for you. Being in a relationship doesn't mean that you give up on your being.  
  1. He Should Be The One To Deal With Finances: Just because he is your betterhalf, it doesn't mean that he is bound to take care of you financially as well. You need to be independent in a relationship so that there's no room for insecurities in the future. As a society, we are taught that men are the breadwinners, while women are the homemakers.  However, in the 21st century, these things don't apply . And if you are from this old school of thought, we hope you change your mindset soon. Being independent gives you the freedom to chase your goals and design the future your way- however when you are dependent on someone, you lose that sense of freedom. So it's always better to not set this unrealistic relationship goal and be an equal (in terms of finance in this relationship).
  1. He Should Know All Your Likes: Yes, we agree, as companions, you must know a lot about each other, but knowing it all at once is not possible. The beauty of every relationship lies in the fact that you get to learn something about your partner daily. You learn, live, and grow daily as a couple, and expecting your partner to know all your likes and wants is unfair. He should know you well enough, but if he doesn't, it's okay, spend more time together, and eventually you will bridge that gap in your relationship. 

Setting unrealistic goals in a relationship makes it toxic,  make sure that you don’t end your relationship because of such goals. So give your partner the required space and ask for the same if needed. Also, what, according to you, is a deal-breaker in a relationship? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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