5 Things A Woman Should Never Do For Anyone


In current times, women are strong, bold, confident, and empowered enough to make their choices. However, at times, society expects them to do something or be someone opposite of their nature.  Be it giving up on their dreams or changing the way they look to fit in, there's a lot women  have to go through while growing up. And the one mistake every woman makes is not standing up for herself.

And we, as millennials, should realize that it's high time for a woman to live her life the way she wants. Like a man, a woman too has the freedom to design her life, and for that, here are five things she should never do for anyone. 

  1. Withhold Your Opinions: We all are entitled to our opinions, and just because you are a woman, that doesn't mean that you cannot have an opinion or you have to let go of one. Yes, you love your partner and equally love your family and friends, but when it's about voicing your opinions, you shouldn't think much. Relationships come and go, but when you are true to yourself and believe in what you stand for, you build a healthy life for yourself. And nothing can be more important than this. So, while being in a relationship with someone, ensure your partner hears and respects your voice. And you are on the same page with your partner about this. You are an individual first; never forget that. 
  1. Change How You Look: In this day and age of social media, glitz, and glam, a woman is time and again put down for her looks and appearances. However, no matter what you wear or how you look, if it makes you happy, you shouldn't change it for anyone. Just because your partner has a problem with your dressing sense, you shouldn't change it for him. If you are comfortable in your skin, nothing else matters. The way you look should only matter to you and not to others who always think either you are too fat or too thin. Don't let anyone break your confidence, and just be who you are. 
  1. Give On Your Dreams And Passions: As a woman, when you get married, society accepts you to take care of the house and ensure that you keep your husband and family happy. And in that process, your passion, dreams, and ambitions tend to take a backseat. Now, no one will ask a man to let go of his dreams; similarly, people should stop expecting it from a woman, too. Never give up on your passion, marriage or not, chase your dreams to be the woman of your dreams. If you have met someone and feel that you can give up everything for them, take a break and think about something you want to do, and you will find an answer to it. 
  1. Changing Your Life Plans: As humans, we all plan our life. Relationships come and go, but what helps us be on track are our plans. We all want to lead a certain life, achieve certain things, and that should never change for anyone. Yes, you meet someone, get married, and plan a life with them, but that doesn't mean you have to give up on your plans. You can alter it a bit but changing it all together means cheating with yourself. You have lived with your life plans forever and giving it up for anyone is not acceptable. And people who love you will never let you give up on things you love. 
  1. Take All Other Relationships For Granted: You have found the love of your life, and you want to spend the rest of your life with that person - that's great. But if that relationship makes you choose between other relationships you have, then maybe it's not worth it. You can never, and you shouldn't take your other relationships for granted while trying to please your partner.  Just like your partner, your friends, family, and other acquaintances are equally important to you. So never think of giving any of the relationships up because you need all of them to grow in life, and that's how it should be. You are a strong woman, and you must know how to protect and respect all your relationships.

Do you think that a woman should give up her likes and wants for anyone? We would love to know your thoughts on the same.

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