5 Signs That Your BAE Is Going To Pop The Wedding Proposal

wedding proposal

A wedding proposal is one of the most beautiful moments in every girl's life. When you enter into a relationship knowing that your partner is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, you start counting the days when your BAE officially proposes to you for marriage. And while that can take a few months or years, deep down, you know that one day it will happen. 

So dear, hopeless romantics, if you are waiting for the love of your life to propose, and don't know when will that happen-here are five signs that will help you understand if he is going to pop the question. Look for these signs, and we are sure you will get the wedding proposal of your dream soon.

Signs Your BAE Is Going To Propose You Real Soon

  1. He's Always Nervous And Mysterious Around You: You have been with your partner in a relationship for a while now, and you know his personality the best. So if you feel that off lately, he has started acting weird around you, it means he is planning a wedding proposal. If you constantly find him thinking of something or acting nervous when you are around, you can consider that as a sign as well. Just observe his behavior, and we are sure you can tell a lot from it. Take cues from his recent questions and behavior, and you will find the rest. 
  1. He's Suddenly Interested In Jewellery: Your partner wants to give you the best wedding proposal, and hence he is prepping for it in full swing. You will suddenly see him researching types of diamonds and other precious jewels. He will try to understand the type of diamond cut you like, the size of your ring finger, and so on. He might even ask if you like diamonds or some other jewel. So don't ignore these signs- instead, start looking for the perfect dress for your wedding proposal. PS: Don't ruin it for him- if he wants to keep it a surprise, play along and prepare silently for the BIG day. 
  1. He Is Suddenly Planning A Romantic Getaway: You love traveling to exotic locations with your partner- however, you do that only on some special occasions. So if your partner is planning a special trip and wants to ensure that you'll go there by all means, don't think much and take that as a sign. He wants to pop the question and propose most dreamily- all you have to do is agree to whatever he says and does. You have been in a relationship with your BAE, and you know that they can do anything for your happiness, so go with your instincts and practice saying YES for the grand proposal. 
  1. He's All About Fancy Dinner: It's the middle of the week, and you are tired from all the work, and your partner is suddenly asking you to get dressed since he has planned a surprise dinner date for you. So in this situation, don't get mad at him because you are tired, just wear your best dress, put on that beautiful smile and get ready to be swept off your feet. You know he is going to propose, so enjoy that moment and make sure that you do everything he says. 
  1. He Has Started Talking A Lot With Your Family: When your partner is planning to propose to you, the first thing he will do is seek the blessing of your parents and family. And then, he will also ask your sibling to help him with the marriage proposal. He will constantly be in touch with them, meet them, and would request them to keep this proposal a big secret. So if you notice him talking way too much to your father or sibling, get the  cue and understand what it is regarding. He's taking so much effort to plan the perfect proposal for you, so you should also buy him a nice gift and make sure that you too are always happy in the relationship. 

So dear girlfriend, we know you are super excited for your boyfriend to propose to you at the wedding. And if you are constantly looking for signs and don't know how to find them, keep these five signs in mind, and you will come to know everything about your wedding proposal. 

On that note, how do you want to be proposed by your partner? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you have already been proposed to, how was your wedding proposal- we would love to know that too in the comments below.

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