5 Signs That Help You Know If Your BAE Is The One

No relationship is always hunky-dory; every relationship has its set of ups and downs. You cannot always be happy in a relationship - some relationships end on a sad note too - while others end only to make the other person realize that they are nothing without their partner. And when in a relationship, there are several signs the universe gives us which make us believe that our partner is the ONE who will be with us forever. And if you are looking for such signs and want to know if your BAE is the one for you, we have something for you. 

Read on to know these five signs, and we are sure you will thank us later. These signs can be experienced by you in various circumstances (before as well as after marriage), and whenever you experience them, you know if it's worth the relationship and trouble or not. 

Signs That Will Help You Know You Have Found The One

  1. You Breakup Often But Always Come Back To Each Other: You love each other so much that whenever you break up, you give each other the much-needed space and then always find your way back to each other. And with every breakup, your love just identifies with each other. You may break up for the silliest reasons, but the way you make up post that, is one of the traits that will make you believe that your BAE is the one. Besides, every time you break up, you will also know that this is not the end, and when you get that feeling, you will know that this one will last forever. 
  1. Your Parents Love Them: Our parents are overprotective when it comes to our partners. And it's not easy to make our parents like our partners in one go. But if your parents like your partner and love chilling with them, this sign will help you know that your BAE is the one for you. Your parents approve of them for the wedding- they are super comfy around your partner and share a good rapport with them, and you are always happy when your BAE and parents get along together. 
  1. You Share The Love And Hate Relationship: When they don't appreciate you for being with them through thick and thin, you hate them and feel like they are not the one for marriage. But when in the most difficult times they are the ones to hold your hand, you know that this particular relationship is made in heaven and will last forever. There are days when you cannot stand being around your partner, and then there are those days where all you want is their presence. Their presence might irritate you but still means the world to you. You and your BAE cannot do without each other, and when you know that, you know what this relationship means to you. 
  1. You Are Dramatic Around Them: You are the way you are in front of your BAE. You don't try to be someone else, and they love you for the goofy person you are. When you realize that you don't have to pretend to be someone else in the relationship and when you are super comfy being you, that's when you know this lover of yours is the one that will be with you in all your ugly and pretty phases. The one who will not judge your worst is the one who will always stick with you. 
  1. You Are Jealous When Others Give Them More Attention: You have broken up with them, but you will not appreciate the fact if someone else is giving them more attention or is flirting with them in front of you. It will kill you to see them happy when you know it's just an act to make you jealous. And when you try to do the same thing, they will do everything in their will to stop you from doing so. Don't lose on your BAE when you know it's ultimately the two of you who can handle each other. 

So dear cute couples, if you are getting these five signs from the people you are dating at present,  there are high chances that you two will be with each other forever. This is the time to make that final decision about your wedding. There'll be moments where you will doubt your relationship, where you will feel helpless, but amid all this, you will go back to your BAE because your heart beats for them.

On that note, how many times have you broken up with your partner in a relationship? Let us know the count in the comments below. 

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