5 Safe Ways To Give Space To Your Partner In A Relationship


Relationships, even after marriage, need work. Constantly. And at times in a relationship, we are so involved with one another that we forget how our partner needs space too. And when our partner asks for it, we behave like something is wrong with them. Well, to address the elephant in the room, every relationship needs space. You need space to grow individually, to work on yourself. So at any point, if your partner asks for some space, don't take it  the wrong way - instead, try understanding the reason behind it and be supportive. 

And while they take their space, you also can enjoy your me-time. Space in a relationship strengthens it further because you develop a sense of trust when your partner lets you be in your space at times. And this is also applicable to couples post wedding, so read on for all the tips. 

5 Ways To Give Space To Each Other In A Relationship 

  1. Don't Take It Personally: When your partner talks about space in a relationship and makes you understand why every couple needs it, don't get offended. Even after marriage, don’t think that they don’t love, be rational and understand where they are coming from. No, they aren't bored of you, and nor do they want to leave you - it's just that relationships can be overwhelming sometimes. And to ensure that you are in a happy space with everyone, you need a break. So if your partner asks you for space, understand their point of view, help them if there are any issues, and give them the much-needed space. It will also help you show what the relationship means to you.
  1. Enjoy The Space Too: When your partner asks for space, consider it as a time when you get some time for yourself too. Spend time with yourself, enjoy your company, do things you want to do for a while, and refresh. Have lunch with your friends and family or just chill out on your own - the choice is yours. Use this time to reconnect with yourself and analyze where you are in life right now. This will really strengthen your bond even after marriage. And this will not only make you miss each other, but when you come back together, you will realize how grateful you are to have each other in life. 
  1. Set a Definite Time Frame: While giving space in a relationship is not difficult, what's important is to set a definite time frame for it. So when you ask your partner for some time off, ensure you have a time frame for it. For example- You need some time off for a week or 3-days, give them a time frame instead of ghosting them. If your partner is trying to be considerate and wants to understand your situation, don't leave them hanging-  let them know whatever you have in mind. Not giving a time frame will only create a sense of doubt in their mind, which will do no good to your relationship. Be clear about whatever you have in mind so that you end up hurting the relationship, post marriage, unintentionally. 
  1. Stick To The Space: When you and your partner decide to have some space in a relationship, ensure that you stick to it. Be supportive of each other, and don't try to make them feel worse about asking for a space. You should be supportive of your partner so that they respect and understand your life as well. Don't try and bother them during the time you take space because when they don't respond, you will feel neglected, which will do no good to anyone. So it's better to trust the process and believe in the relationship you have built with your partner over the years. 
  1. Trust Each Other: When there's space in a relationship, you may start doubting each other, which is completely normal. However, one thing you must never forget is the fact there's a reason why you two are together. Trust each other and believe that you will be back together soon. Because when you lose the trust, you also lose the relationship you have built together, and this is applicable for marriage as well. So trust each other, trust the process and remember, whatever happens, it happens for good. Use this space as a good time and be with yourself. Taking this time off will help you grow more as an individual. 

So when your partner asks for space in the relationship, don't hit the panic button instantly, analyze the situation, and follow these safe ways to give them space. This will not only strengthen the trust you have for each other, but you will also be less insecure in the relationship. Plus, you will get time to think about what you want in life, so it’s clearly a win-win situation. 

On that note, do you think giving each other space in a relationship is important? Let us know in the comments below. 

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