5 Myths About Open Relationship You Must Stop Believing ASAP

open relationships

Making a relationship work is an art itself. While people think that one only needs love and passion to sustain a relationship, you must know that a lot more is required to make a relationship work. From communicating with each other to being honest about your feelings, a relationship needs work. Hard work. And while we talk about relationships, open relationships are often looked down on. People think that those in open relationships don’t value love and are dishonest, however, that’s never the case. 

Open relationships are ones where both the partners agree to have a relationship with others while being together. And some people also believe in open relationships after marriage. And while it's okay to be in an open relationship - certain misconceptions should be debunked right away. Are you wondering what they are? Well, read on to know more and thank us later. 

5 Open Relationship Myths That Everyone Should Know Of

  1. Partners Have Tones of Lovers: Yes, in an open relationship, you tend to have someone besides your partner, but that's not always the case. You are in an open relationship, even after marriage, because you want to be honest and true to your partner and not lie about having an affair with someone else. But that doesn't mean that you and your partner have 10s of people. You know about each other's affair - you set restrictions and rules and ensure that both of you stick to it. Like other relationships, open relationships are also based on trust and honesty and nothing changes even after matrimonial. 
  1. Open Relationships Are Less Complicated: When you are with one person all the time, the only thing you work on is your relationship. And in that process, you tend to think that people in open relationships don't have to deal with everything, but you are wrong. You should know that people in an open relationship deal with more complications, esopec because it involves more than two people. They have to constantly communicate with each other and make sure that they are open and honest about their feelings, even after marriage. Yes, both the partners have their share of insecurities, but they deal with it and let their partners enjoy the polygamous that they have agreed. There's a constant fear of being left for someone else, but it's the trust and communication that works for couples in such relationships. 
  1. Open Relationships Only Mean A Lot Of Sex: You always don't need multiple partners to be sexually satisfied. Open relationships are all about honesty and communication. Couples in open relationships seek trust & intimacy in other people instead of just having sex with them. They look for people they can share their things with and be comfortable around. Yes, sex is also one of the factors, but looking for someone who can understand you besides your partner is also a strong premise in an open relationship. You and your partner can be sexually satisfied with each other, even after matrimonial and still have other partners for emotional support, and that's completely fine. It can never be only about physical intimacy; people need emotional intimacy as well. 
  1. Open Relationships Are Only For Western Countries: India is progressing, and in this new age, India wants to try everything. Yes, we still believe in monogamy, but many people are willing to give polygamy a chance. Be it for physical pleasure or emotional support- open relationships are slowly making their way in India. Not because people cannot be with one person for their entire life, but because people are okay to accept that you cannot find everything in one person, even after marriage. Open relationships, when built on trust and mutual respect, can be extremely fruitful. And no matter where you are from, it's okay to be in an open relationship if both the partners are on the same page. Anything is better than cheating or having an extramarital affair behind your partner's back. 
  1. People In Open Relationships Are Too Cool: Every couple has the liberty to decide what works and doesn't work for them. If you are in a monogamous relationship, you and your partner may have certain rules to make the relationship work; if you are in a polygamous relationship, then we are sure the rules might differ. However, thinking that people in open relationships don't value monogamous couples and are too cool for society is absurd and wrong. As a couple, you lay your rules and decide what works for you. If being in an open relationship is healthy for you and your partner, then you should go for it without any second thought. Your aim should be to focus on your relationship and not change what others have or believe in. It's not that polyamorous couples are against monogamy- it's just that they know it's not their cup of tea. So even if you choose to be in a open relationship after wedding, it’s your choice. 

So, dear couples, always choose what works for you and not what society wants you to believe. If being with one partner is your choice, others respect that similarly if someone has more than one partner, then  their choice, and you must respect it by all means. Relationships, be it open or not, are based on honesty and respect, and once you lose that, no relationship can ever be fruitful. 

On that note, what are your thoughts on open relationships? Do share with us in the comments below. 

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