5 Love Languages Every Millennial Couple Should Know


Everyone needs love, no matter who they are, where they come from, or what their relationship is - love is for everyone. And when it comes to love, when you are in a relationship - you always want to feel loved and appreciated. However, at times, you don't communicate your love enough to your partner after or before wedding. Hence, they don't feel loved or get confused with all your signs and signals.  

And if you are someone who is having a tough time using the love language for communication, don't worry, we have got your back for this one. Here are five love languages all couples should use to express their affection towards their partner before marriage. 

5 Love Languages For Everyone In Relationship

  1. Spend Quality Time With Your BAE: In this world of technology, where we are engrossed in our phones and enjoy scrolling social media sites mindlessly, taking time out for your partner and giving them undivided attention is a boon. So if you are facing some difficulties in your relationship or unable to spend enough time with each other, this is one of the many love languages that couples need to use. Your partner will feel most loved when you give them undivided attention, and that's what you should plan. Plan a romantic date for them, watch a movie together, or go for a weekend getaway to a quaint place, but this language of love shouldn't be missed. This will also help you make the marriage decision easier. 
  1. The Power Of Physical Touch: When we talk about physical touch, it's not always about being physically intimate with each other. It's also one of the love languages that people need after a dull day or on a day when they are super stressed about it. When you think your partner is too stressed or has been in a tough spot, just hug them for a while or cuddle with them. Not only will it make them feel secure and loved, but it will also assure them that no matter what happens, you are always with them through thick and thin. From giving them a back and foot rub to holding them for a while, couples love this love language - it makes them feel more connected with each other. And this point is applicable irrespective of your marriage decision. 
  1. Appreciating Each Other Verbally: Yes, you are in a relationship with your partner because you love them, but when you say it out loud, not only do they love it, but it also assures them that they are being loved. So no matter what happens, as couples, you should never stop appreciating your partners. If they have worn a new dress, or have gotten a haircut, compliment them, make them feel special, and let them know that you are so lucky to have them. Verbal communication for couples is one of the many love languages that help take their relationship to the next level. So ensure that you always communicate your honest feelings and appreciate each other no matter what happens. 
  1. Gift Each Other Something: Gifting your partner something also means you constantly think about them. Not only do they feel loved and valued, but they start appreciating you even more. Gifts coming from you make them special, and it's also something your partner will appreciate forever. You don't have to go all out and give big things always -  sometimes a rose or their favorite chocolate can also make them happy. It is one of the love languages where the amount of effort you put in matters more than the gift you give. It's okay to give someone chocolate as long as you know it's their favorite one, or it's the one that instantly brings a smile to their face; the thought behind choosing a gift matters more. 
  1. Helping Them With Small Daily Chores: At times, your partner doesn't expect you to give them gifts or make big romantic gestures for them - all they need is little help in the house with daily chores. So, on days when they don't feel like doing anything, help them with the household chores, run errands for them, and make sure that they are well-rested. Doing so will make them realize how much you care about their well-being, and such actions definitely speak much louder than words. So never shy away from helping your partner with chores, they need help, and just because they don't say it, it doesn't mean that you don't help them with it. So this is one love language that you should understand by yourself and make a conscious effort of using it frequently. 

So dear Millennials, we know that in this age of social media, where everything is so online and social, you don't express your emotions to the person offline. Hence, we urge you to use these love languages for your significant others so that they not only feel loved but also know that no matter what happens, you always have their back, and that's essential.

On that note, what's that one love language you love to use as a couple? Also, do you believe that every couple should have their love language? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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