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Most of us might have encountered a situation, where we felt that if someone was there to guide us, we would have never been stuck in that situation. Well, there are coaches out there to help you overcome certain situations and achieve your goals, in your professional as well as personal lives.

The most popular type of coaches are the life coaches and they help guide a person who might be stuck in a certain circumstance in his/her life. On the other hand, there are love coaches who can help you with your relationship and achieve your relationship goals. 

What is a Love Coach?

A love coach is a professional who helps you to achieve your relationship goals. He/she will help you in your personal development, to achieve your love or relationship goals. A love coach helps you in finding a fulfilling relationship/love life, or just when you want to feel good about yourself in a romantic context.

Love coaches are trained or experienced especially in the area of love and relationship, which makes them the best to guide you in terms of your relationship goals. A love coach will help you find the right mindset to discover the love, passion, and emotions that are missing in your life. With the perfect mindset and coaching, a love coach will help you get what you deserve to achieve your relationship goals.

How does a love coach help?

A love coach will help you break free from negative thoughts and failed relationships. They can also teach you how to attract what you want, rather than facing disappointments by chasing what you want. Working with a love coach will assist you in becoming the person you've always desired to be. And this will help you find your dream life partner for marriage too. 

Whatever the perception of your love life is, you have more power than you realize. You will be provided with everything you need to reformulate yourself so that you can finally start getting what you deserve. You'll be pursuing a compelling vision for your new identity and everything in your life will be leveled up.

How does it work?

Now that you know about love coaches and how they help, you must know how it works. We got you covered, get to know how to love coaching works, in the following steps.

Select a suitable package to begin coaching: You can choose a package from the gold or diamond packs based on your convenience and affordability. Your love of coaching begins with the selection of a package. After this, you have to book slots based on your convenience to get on a call with our love coach.

Call with the Love coach: After finalizing the slot, our love coach will get on a call with you to understand where you are in your life and the problems faced by you in your relationship goals. 

Meet your Betterhalf: After the call with our love coach, you’ll be able to build an attractive profile to connect with potential matches. Once you find a potential match, you can also make the conversation with your match more engaging and make them interested in you. This will increase your chances of meeting them and finding your ideal marriage partner.


Betterhalf’s love coach will give you a wide range of features as mentioned below.

Comprehensive & attractive profile: During the call with our love coach, important insights will be gathered and will be used for your profile makeover. This information will be put together to build a comprehensive and attractive profile, which improves your chances of getting a perfect match.

Move from conversations to meetings: Based on the suggestions given by our love coach, initiate a conversation that will drive a response from your potential match. Move from having conversations with your potential match online to meeting personally to understand each other better.

Present yourself better: ‘First impression is the best impression’, hope you might have heard this statement often. Even though it's not a fact, it acts as a deciding factor in most situations. Make your first meeting with your match the best and unforgettable one.

Become pro in engaging conversations: ‘If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no’. Similarly, if you don’t have an engaging conversation with your potential match, they might not feel like meeting you again. Our love of coaching will help you to become a pro in having engaging conversations with your match.

Make your match interested in you: Based on the guidance from the love coach, you can improve yourself in having engaging conversations with your potential match. This will make your match enjoy talking to you and make them interested in you.


Helping you learn the art of love not only helps in improving conversations but also has multiple other benefits, let's take a look at some of them below;

  • You’ll learn skills that will help you to deal with situations, irrespective of their difficulty and the outcomes.
  • If you want to be in a serious relationship, think about what you want in a possible match. Working with a love coach will assist you in considering the relationship's goals, staying on course, and avoiding being sidetracked by people who do not fit in.
  • You will get unbiased insight from a trained and experienced professional, who doesn’t know you. And insights from a professional love coach will be from a different perspective which will also be a quality input.
  • Finding an ideal marriage partner is entirely about you. It all starts with you! Understand your worth and have a clear idea of what you deserve. People who already understand this are more likely to attract attributes that are the best elements of themselves in a love relationship. If not, love coaches are there to guide you.
  • A love coach will help you understand the blind spots in your relationship habits, meanwhile, this might be hard if you are analyzing by yourself. Having a love coach by your side will be beneficial in times when you feel demotivated and feel like quitting the search for your betterhalf. A love coach will help you understand your expectations from your to-be marriage partner better.
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