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Astrology is really a wonderful thing. With this ancient science, astrologers find crucial insights about different aspects of a person and based on that, give predictions. Horoscope, Nakshatra and Numerology are some of the most common examples.  Janam Kundali (also known as Janam Patrika or Horoscope Chart) is one of the most popular aspects of astrology. For many people, the idea of Janam Kundali is largely attached to the concept of the wedding as they only hear about the concept of Janam Kundali matching (Horoscope matching of bride and groom) before a wedding is fixed. However, that’s not the case; wedding or marriage is not the only case where a Janam Kundali is used. People have been using Janam Kundali to predict their future and get better control of their life for so many years. And for the last few years, they’re also using Free Janam Kundali online report to do the same. 

A Janam Kundali is an astrological chart that shows the exact position of planets and heavenly bodies at the time when you are born. And that’s why your time of birth plays a crucial role in determining your Janam Kundali. Other than this, astrologers also need a few things to get your online free Janam Patrika or Janam Kundali - exact birthdate and birthplace. Based on these details, a Janam Kundali can not help you choose a compatible partner but also gives you crucial insights about different aspects of an individual’s personality such as career, love life, education, health, finances, education, marriage and much more. 

If you are looking to get your free Janam Kundali online, you’re at the right place. And be assured that thefree Janam Kundali online given by us is as valid and authentic as one made by astrologers manually. Once you get your free Janam Kundali report online, you can use it to match with your to-be partner’s Janam kundali to check the compatibility or any other thing via Kundli ananlysis. In case you find any problem, you can always talk to our astrologers who can online Kundli prediction. Don’t need to be confused about anything. 

Let’s understand more about the various things about Janam Kundali in detail - What is Janam Kundali, How to get Free Janam Kundali Online, Benefits of making it, and which is better between Janam Kundali by date of birth and time or Free Janam Kundali by name. 

What is Janam Kundali?

Before making your free Janam Kundali online, it is important to know what exactly this is. Right? Well, let’s put it in the simplest terms: Janam Kundli of a person is literally the blueprint of that person’s life. An astrologer can look at the Janam kundli and tell about everything. Literally everything. Wondering how? Well, A Janam Kundli (birth chart in English) is the map of the sky at the time when you were born in this world. That’s why all the details related to your birth like time, place and date play a crucial role in creating a free Janam Kundali online. 

In a Janam Kundli, the placement of the planets and signs as well as the sun & moon are determined at the exact time of your birth. All of this will be shown on your Janam Kundli along with other important astrological aspects as per your birth date. Once all the positions are decided and carved out as a Janam Kundli chart, astrologers look at it to predict the crucial insights about an individual’s personality - how they will do in the future, why something is happening in their present, predictions about tough/happy times, and much more. So, with a Janam Kundli, you can get predictions about your future to prepare yourself better. 

Based on your Janam kundli, you can also get your horoscope, nakshatra and numerology report. And this is not it, if you want to call astrologers, your Janam kundli will also play an important role there too. Nobody can tell anything about your present, past or future without having a look at your Janam Kundli. That’s why you must have heard about the Janam Kundli from your parents too. They understand the importance of the Janam Kundli because they know all the benefits. 

Every person should make their Free Janam Kundali online if they want to prepare for thier future better. Now that you understand what is Janam Kundli, we will move on to the next part where we will see how to create a free Janam Kundali online in just a few minutes. 

How to Create a Free Janam Kundali Online?

People have been making Janam Kundali for so many years. Wit their vast knowledge in astrology, experienced Vedic astrologers and Pandits have been making the physical kundli for people. But with the power of the Internet at our disposal and seeing the number of people who have access to it now, making free Janam Kundali online has become a trend nowadays. With this, everybody can see their Kundli and learn about different aspects of their personality in a better way.

But with the free Janam Kundali online option, people often ask whether online Kundali making is the best option or if it is as accurate as a traditional Kundali. People often fear that in the process of online Janam Kundali, the essence of tradition doesn’t remain the same. Honestly speaking, the process of Kundali making in the traditional way is still the best option. However, online Janam Kundli prediction is no less than a traditional one. In fact, you can see more details like horoscope charts, Planetary positions, Basic details, Panchang details, Astrological details, Ghat Chakra, Current Dasha, and many others. 

On Betterhalf, you can make your free Janam Kundali online in an easy manner. Here, you only need to fill in a few details. Your name, Gender and three most important details – Place, Date and Time of Birth. Make sure all the details are absolutely correct. Once you submit it, your free Janam Kundli will be downloaded. See, that’s how easy it is. Kundli making can also tell if you have any doshas. If there are some, you can always take the help of our experienced astrologers by talking to astrologer through call or chat. They can give you solutions after having a look at your free Janam Kundali online version.  

Benefits of Janam Kundali Online

As we mentioned, Janam Kundali is one of the important tools for predicting the future in the field of astrology. A person’s Kundli literally demonstrates how that person’s life will shape in the future. One of the most prominent benefits of the Janam Kundali online is that you can see how the planets and heavenly bodies are impacting and influencing your daily life. With the power of astrology, your Janam Kundli can also tell if you will face some difficulties in the future or if you will have some abundance of happiness in your way. 

If you are looking for your life partner, your Janam Kundali plays an important role in seeing if this is the right person or not for you by matching your Kundli with your to-be partner. For any problems related to your online free Kundli, you can talk to an astrologer and get instant solutions and remedies. Getting free Janam Kundali online is the best idea. 

Whether you want to choose the best career or make the best decision or know insights about your health or planning your day or manage your finances, Janam Kundali online can help you in all these aspects. Here are some of the prominent benefits of the Janam Kundali. 

Personalized Life Insights: Janam Kundali is something that is unique for everyone and that’s why it provides personalized, unique insights for every individual. It consists life journey of an individual, character traits, strengths, weaknesses, challenges, etc. based on the  positions of planets and celestial bodies at the time of birth. That’s why when you are getting your Janam Kundali online, make sure you give the exact time of the birth. 

Career Guidance: Career is one of the most important aspects of everyone’s life. A right career can make or break your life. And many people face difficulty in choosing the best career. With the help of Janam Kundali, you can get the right career guidance. As per your birth chart, you can know which career would be suitable for you to choose. 

Timing of Events: Everybody goes through different types of situations in their life. What if you can know the unpleasent situations beforehand and prepare for them accordingly. It would be good, no? Well, Janam Kundali can tell you auspicious and challenging time in a person’s life. With this information, you can plan accordingly. 

Remedies and Solutions: Your Janam Kundali also helps you give remedies and solutions regarding different difficult situations so that you can spend your life peacefully. Experienced astrologers can look at your Janam Kundali and tell you solutions. 

Health Insights: In your Janam Kundali, position of a few planets can also provide insights about your health. You can avoid any potential health condition in future with the help of your Janam Kundali. You can take proactive steps to take better care of your health.

Janam Kundali by Date Of Birth and Time

For your Janam Kundali, three important things are date, time and place of your birth. So, whether you’re getting Janam Kundali by name or Janam Kundali by time, you need all three details. Having different names in different languages, Janam Kundali in Hindi is known as Janam Patrika, it is known as Thikuji Kusthi in Bengali, Janmapatrika in Marathi, Jatakam in Tamil and Telugu, while Vedic Horoscope and Birth Chart in English. Some people also call Janam Kundali as Janmapatri in Hindi. So, these are some different names of it. Whatever the name, the impact remains same on your life.

What is a Janam Kundali or Janam Patrika?

A Janam Kundali, also known as Janam Patrika, Birth Chart, Janampatri, etc. is used to predict what is going to happen in a person’s life using their birth details - time, date and location. With a Janam Patrika, you can see the position of different planets, stars, sun and moon at a definite moment. 

Nowadays, people can also make their Janam Kundali online with the help of different Kundali maker platforms. However, you should know that an online Janam Kundali will not be as accurate as the one made by an experienced, professional astrologer. That’s why it is encouraged to get your Janam Kundali by an astrologer. And then only you can match the compatibility between you and your partner. Typically, there are two ways of horoscope matching - Kundali Milan by name and Kundali Milan by date of birth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Lagna chart?

Lagna, also known as the rising sun or ascendant, is the first and foremost step when you’re reading and trying to understand your Kundali. Lagna is the number in the first house of your Kundali represents. So, it is the beginning of your birth chart. With the help of Lagna chart, astrologers can predict a person’s basic behavior traits. 

What is the Navamsa chart?

In the word Navamsa, Amsa stands for division. So, the meaning of Navamsa is 9th division of a zodiac sign. With the help of Navamsa chart, astrologers determines the strength and power of planets in a person’s horoscope. Also known as D9 Chart, Navamsa chart helps people get insights about their marriage life, their life after a certain age and fortune.

What is the Purpose of the Janam Kundli Report?

Janam Kundali helps astrologers get insights about a person’s life. Janam Kundali can predict what will happen in someone’s life in future, if they will face some problem in coming years, how to avoid it, crucial predictions about tough times, and much more. In a nutshell, the whole purpose of the Janamu Kundali report is to prepare yourself better for the future. 

What is the difference between Lagna Kundli and Janam Kundli?

Janam Kundli is a blueprint of a person’s life. Having great significance in Vedic astrology, Janam Kundali helps you predict different types of possibilities related to your life. To get the exact Janam Kundli, you will need to provide the exact date, time and place of your birth. On the other hand, Lagna Kundli or Lagna chart is an astrological chart that is based on the rising sun or ascendant position. 

What is Dasha in Janam Kundali Reading?

Dasha is a sanskrit word which means the planetary period. In Hindu astrology, Dash in a Janam Kundali indicates the good or bad planetary positions and what will be their effects. Being a significant aspect of the horoscope, there are different types of Dashas in a Janam Kundali and each one is controlled by one of the nine planets. Position of that particular planet determines the effect and outcome of a Dasha. 

How to Know Mahadasha in Online Janam Kundali Reading?

In Janam Kundali reading, Mahadasha (Major planetray period) is one of the very crucial period in a person’s life. This period can lead to a person in a direction for which they are made for. That’s why it’s important to know the same. You can use different types of Dasha Calculator to know the Mahadasha. In Vedic astrology, mahadasha of a planet depends on where moon is located in a certain Nakshatra.

What are the Meanings of Different Aspects of Janam Kundali Reading?

Janam Kundali reading is one of the important thing. The quality of it depends on the experience of the astrologer who’s reading the Kundali. There are different aspects that provides different meaning to your birth chart. Some of them are Navagraha, Zodiac Signs, Nakshatras and different houses.

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