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Hello, I am Komal, often addressed as the “leading lady” at Betterhalf. With my years of expertise at helping individuals connect with each other, I have bagged an account of almost 150+ successful marriages till date and the experience has been really fulfilling. It is a belief that, in life, we have no control of the cards that are dealt to us, but what is in our hands is how we choose to react to them and I’m here to help you choose the right card and trust the process along with me. So, let’s have a chat and take you to the path of meeting your life partner. Shall we?

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Hire a human matchmaker now!

Finding a life partner for yourself can be a cumbersome task in today’s times. Even though we have come leaps and bounds in the Indian matrimony scene, people found themselves in two minds while registering on a matrimony app or website. One of their biggest concerns is what if they would not find someone who strikes a similar chord to expectations and compatibility. That’s where a need for a human matchmaker arises. With the concept of human matchmaking, users will be able to bring forward their expectations to a real human who will understand and value them while helping them find their betterhalf. 

With time, people are more clear about what they want to be in a relationship. They understand better what kind of people with whom they like to spend their life. Simply put, people don’t want to lose their authenticity once they are married just because they’ve chosen the wrong person. Human matchmaking allows people to celebrate their authenticity. And during the matchmaking process, a real human will accompany users during each stage of the partner-search process. Thus, helping them meet the most compatible person while keeping their different expectations in mind all the time. So, human matchmaking does not compromise with what you’re looking for in your potential life partner. 

What is a Human Matchmaker?

The most important question! From the start, you must be wondering what exactly is a human matchmaker. In simple terms, a human matchmaker will be a real person—one of our experts with several years of human matchmaking experience in their kitty—who will first understand your preferences regarding your life partner and then, will be with you all the time during your partner-search process. Thanks to the famous Netflix show Indian Matchmaking featuring super-famous Sima Taparia, more people are familiar with the idea of human matchmaking. 

A real person as a human matchmaker will bring that often-missing human touch to help bring that human element into matchmaking. All of this will encourage intimacy between two compatible people even further, helping them meet their life partners easily. A human matchmaker brings the human connection in the Indian matrimonial scene, which people often feel lacking. When you hire a human matchmaker, it helps you take a step back and look at things in the most objective way instead of a traditional matrimony experience, which can be frustrating at times. 

How Human Matchmaking Works?

Now that you have a fair sense of the meaning of a human matchmaker, you must be curious to know how exactly it works when it comes to the Indian matrimony scene. Don't worry, you can know everything about the process below which consists of multiple steps. Have a look!

Choose the convenient pack & Book your Slot: With Betterhalf human matchmaking, you can choose a package as per your affordability and convenience from the four packs-Basic, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum. Once you choose a pack, you’ve started your matchmaking journey. After this, you will need to book a convenient slot to get on a call with our human matchmaker. 

Call with a Human Matchmaker: After booking a slot, as told earlier, the human matchmaker will understand the preferences, values, qualities, etc. that you are looking for in your life partner. During the direct call, the matchmaker will also try to understand the unseen aspects of your personality so that you can get to meet better people. 

Shortlist Compatible Profiles & Meet your Betterhalf: Based on the preferences conveyed to the human matchmaker, you will get to shortlist compatible profiles. These profiles will be curated by our experts while keeping your personality in mind. And from them, you can pick who you like. The human matchmaker will arrange a first call with the picked profile. And you can decide if the person could be your betterhalf or not. 

Features of Human Matchmaking

Human matchmaking enables you to enjoy a wide range of exquisite features. You can get to know them in detail below.     

Comprehensive Makeover of Your Profile: During the call with a human matchmaker, you will share some important insights about yourself. Based on the personal interaction, the matchmaker will understand your past-relationship patterns and other aspects. All of this will be incorporated to give your matrimony profile a complete makeover which will increase your visibility among compatible matches. 

Personalised Partner-search Process: As we mentioned, a human matchmaker brings the personal touch to your partner-search process. So, after each call with your picked matches, our expert will try to get feedback so that we can enhance the partner-search process accordingly. 

Top-rated Handpicked Profiles: Human matchmaking is all about respecting preferences, likes, dislikes, values, beliefs and incorporating them into the partner-search process. The expert will include all these factors while handpicking the top-rated, authentic, and compatible profiles for you. 

Review of Compatible Profiles and Shortlisting Them: Our human matchmaker will review a wide range of profiles just to find that perfect pick for you. We will shortlist the compatible profiles for you so that you can find your Betterhalf as soon as possible. 

Guaranteed First Call: Once you shortlist a few profiles, we start the process to get yourself on a call with your potential soulmate so that you can make an informed decision. We will arrange the call only after taking the consent of the shortlisted match by you. 

Benefits of Human Matchmaker

Human matchmaking helps you bloom your authenticity in the most organic way possible while finding your life partner. Let’s have a look at some other benefits of human matchmaking, mentioned below, that you will enjoy.

  • A human matchmaker allows you to trust the process of finding your match. Here, you make the final decision about what kind of life partner you want. 
  • As we all know, the traditional matrimonial process involves a lot of stress and anxiety while you search for your partner. Human matchmaking protects your mental peace. 
  • You can directly reach out to your dedicated human matchmaker without any hurdles to get more clarity about the partner-search process. 
  • Constant conversation with your matchmaker will help you accelerate the partner-search process. 
  • The biggest of all benefits is, with a human matchmaker, you will get a life partner, who will be close to your expectations. Since you are choosing this person for life, it is undoubtedly one of the biggest decisions of your life. A human matchmaker helps you make this decision in complete peace. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a human matchmaker?

A human matchmaker is a real person who will be with you all the time during your partner-search process and make it easier for you by understanding your preferences. You can consider a matchmaker as an expert who will help you find your soulmate by keeping your personality in mind. 

What are the features of human matchmaker?

Quick & hassle-free registration process that takes only a few seconds
AI-powered matchmaking to help you find your compatible partner
A large pool of genuine verified profiles
Triple-layer security for everyone to eliminate fake and scam profiles from the platform

How can I verify my profile on human matchmaker?

You can verify your matrimonial profile through a real-time selfie, personal email, phone number or Government ID. Verified profiles find their life partners much faster as compared to unverified profiles.

Can I make more than one profile on human matchmaker?

No. We don’t allow users to create multiple profiles on our platform to maintain the safety for all users.

Have more questions? We have answered all your questions in our FAQs section.

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