What Qualities Make a Good (& Bad) Match for Sagittarius


Are you Sagittarius and want to know the qualities that make a good match for you? Confused about your marriage to a Sagittarius? Don’t know whether they can be a betterhalf for you? Understanding the characteristic traits of the Sagittarius can help in clearing the surrounded mist. Astrology will reveal the core traits of a person based on the zodiac sign. Do check out the daily horoscope of Sagittarius to find out their mindset for any day. To help you in understanding a Sagittarius, we have stated the core traits of a Sagittarius. After that, we have also mentioned the qualities of a person who can make a good (&bad) match for Sagittarius.

Core traits of Sagittarius

Sagittarius belongs to the fire element and has a birthday between November 22 and December 21. This zodiac sign is ruled by Jupiter and belongs to the fire element. Sagittarius are adventure seekers who are always on the hunt to learn new things. 

They are passionate, smart and more straightforward which often ends them in trouble with their betterhalf and friends. Because they never wear a mask according to the situation. For them, honesty is the best policy always. And don’t forget to check out the Sagittarius horoscope to find out more about its characteristics.

You need to understand the qualities that make a good (&bad) match for Sagittarius to make any further steps in your relationship or wedding. 

Qualities that make a good match for Sagittarius

It is important to know the qualities of a good match for Sagittarius like knowing their characteristics and traits. Checking the daily horoscope is another way to find out more. To help you understand the matching qualities, we have listed the important qualities that make a good match for Sagittarius.


Being honest is the best way to enter a Sagittarius heart and grab their attention. Why? Because they hate lies. They expect their betterhalf to be an honest person. Even if you try to lie for the greater good or not reveal the complete story, they’ll start to doubt you. The one thing that a Sagittarius can never accept is dishonesty. And if you are trying to be their betterhalf, then you should be the honest person, not for the sake of marriage but from the heart. And if you are honest even at the worst of times, Sagittarius will begin to admire you.


Adventure seekers are more welcome to become friends or betterhalf with a Sagittarius. Because for adventure seekers like Sagittarius, there is no better companion than another adventure seeker. They can handle anything in their life except being idle. They are like the second-borns in every family who don’t sit still. 

As same as the archer in their symbol, they always shoot for something that most people consider impossible. And their adventurous side always pushes them to do things that most people hesitate to do.

One thing that they hate to see from their betterhalf is leading a boring life. On the other hand, if you are someone who goes on a hike or camping over the weekend, then a Sagittarius will start to spend time with you. Who knows you might also end up meeting your Sagittarius partner on your next hike or trek.


People with the Sagittarius zodiac sign are like a curious cat that does anything to know what's in the bag. They always feel there is so much to learn. You can always see them exploring something new or meeting new people and getting to know about the people. Not so many are ready to do anything for learning, but a Sagittarius is ready to dive into anything if it provides anything new to learn.

Are you someone who can bring interesting topics often to the table or has the same curiosity as Sagittarius? Then you can grab their attention and can also become their betterhalf. To find out more about their characteristics, you can check the Sagittarius horoscope today.

Qualities that make a bad match for Sagittarius

Knowing the qualities that make a bad match for Sagittarius will also help you understand whether you can become a betterhalf or not and plan your wedding. And you can check the Sagittarius horoscope to find out more about that.


Sagittarius craves independence, and a possessive or clingy betterhalf will make them feel suffocated. Sagittarius gets nervous and confused when they are with someone who can’t behave independently. Because they like to be alone for some time and this will have an impact on their alone time. 

In general, a Sagittarius just needs some space from time to time. This is highly recommended when they are dealing with emotions. A Sagittarius is receptive to communicating their thoughts and listening to their partner's sentiments. But being pushed to open up might cause a Sagittarius to push their partner away. 


A Sagittarius will never ask help from their betterhalf or their friends to finish a task or achieve a goal. But they expect those who are around them to be optimistic and positive-minded like them. And if they ever sense a zodiac sign of pessimism from their betterhalf, they decide to move ahead without you. Because Saggitarius is the very optimistic zodiac sign you’ll ever face. 

Even if you are trying to be logical and realistic by speaking the facts, they’ll get upset and act with a confused state of mind with you. Because they might start to reconsider your relationship with them.

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