Things to Know Before Dating a Gemini

Gemini zodiac sign

Crushing hard over a Gemini but wishing to understand their core nature before asking them out? Well, you have thought it correct. The below paragraphs will show you what it is to date a Gemini zodiac sign. Keep reading to know!

Geminis are entertaining no matter what. They are full of ideas, excitement, fun, and adventure. Gemini zodiac sign is a chatterbox and they can get along with anyone easily. Most airy zodiac signs would love them whereas most earth signs will find it hard to manage a Gemini life partner. Wish to find out more about how is it to be with Gemini? Well, read further to know all about them in full detail!

Core Traits of Gemini

Geminis (Born between May 21-June 21) are witty, extroverted, and fun to be with. Their flirting skills are commendable but you cannot expect much seriousness in a relationship from them. Geminis are the seeker of everything new. They are usually interested in a person as long as he/she is feeding their curiosity to know more. This Zodiac sign is all mind and less heart. So, it might get hard for them to connect with anyone on a spiritual level. 

But core traits are not enough to date someone, right? You need more information to move ahead with the idea. Below is the glimpses on the same. 

One Hell of a Chatterbox!

There can never be a dull moment with Gemini. They love to chat literally about everything and anything. It is easiest for them to mingle with a whole new person and you need not worry about the ‘conversation starters’ on a date with them. You will hardly get time to speak. Geminis are ruled by Mercury, which is a planet of communication. So, there will lot of ideas, thoughts, emailing, tweets, etc going with them.

Too Spontaneous to Think

Spontaneity rules their life. For example, if you have planned a movie date at 6 p.m, a Gemini zodiac sign might ask you to leave for a long drive 10 minutes before the movie starts. They are very moody and want to feel excited in doing new things. Geminis are overtly impulsive except for some occasional changes in their daily horoscope. Though their impulsiveness is fruitful most of the time, it can be really challenging for someone to date with that spontaneity always.

Flirtatious and Charming

They have an inborn talent for flirtations and charming people with their talks. Even if you have never crushed over someone, A Gemini will be sure to make your heart flutter at least once. Also, sexting with Gemini is more fun than any other zodiac sign ever. It will make you want more and more of them than ever before. Also, to have a Gemini by your side feels like making everyone will be jealous for bagging up that charming guy/girl from the party.

Very Analytical and Calculative

Not only they are sharp in saying things, their mind works shaper too. Even before you know whom to pick for a date night tomorrow, a Gemini will approach you for the same. Also, they will have a perfect punchline or a monologue ready to turn the results in their favor. If they want you along, there is nothing much you can do to stop that from happening. Instead, they will manipulate you to tame your interests as per their liking.

You Have to Give Space

Don’t expect a Gemini to hang around you like a tail all the time you want. They are an amazing companion to be with but you have to give them their space from time to time. It is not possible for them to take you along wherever they go or include you in all their plans. They have a separate place reserved for different people in their life. So, be prepared that they can go for night outs, trekking, amusement parks, etc often without you!

Explore Things in Bed

Gemini loves to switch sides or try different moves in sex. So, if you are more of a traditional kind and prefers repeating the same posture for satisfaction, dating a Gemini zodiac sign is not an ideal option for you. They love to use sex toys and use kinky stuff to unleash their deepest desires during sex.

So, these are some of the crucial traits and expected actions from Gemini. However, they can behave differently depending on their daily horoscope or mood.

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