Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility

Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility

The compatibility between two people is the base for a happy marriage. So, knowing Pisces and Aquarius compatibility should be a must before two people go for a wedding. Do you also agree with the point? Well, then check out this latest article on Pisces and Aquarius zodiac signs compatibility on multiple grounds.

Both Pisces and Aquarius are accepting in nature and maintain loyalty all through the relationship. They do not have much problem getting along as both zodiac signs are nearly the same in nature. Though sometimes they run into conflict, none of them are interested to drag the topic for too long. However, the lack of seriousness and rationality in the relationship may hurt them at times. Wish to know more about these two zodiac signs in terms of compatibility? Keep reading to find out!

Core traits of Pisces & Aquarius Zodiac Signs

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) are energetic and vibrant in nature. They are originally ruled by Uranus and are guarded by air. This sign is a little self-centered and has its own notion of ruling the world. Aquarians can defy all the existing ideas and work with their own to kill the stereotypical vibe. However, these people are completely authentic and do not leave your side after marriage or any relationship commitments. They are willing to embrace and show their emotional sides to their partners.

The Pisces zodiac sign (Born between February 19 to March 20) is equally caring as their Virgo partners. Also, they are romantics in nature and tend to develop platonic bonds with their life partners. However, this zodiac sign is extremely sensitive and empathetic towards everyone. So, it is quite probable that people take undue advantage of their goodness often. Despite their excessive care and love, Pisces do not expect the same from their partners openly. But they get hurt when the opposite party does not reciprocate their tenderness and commitment. Also, this sign is known to be creative and a dreamer of everything aesthetic and romantic.

Traits are not enough to evaluate Pisces and Aquarius compatibility after marriage. So, keep reading to know the compatibility on various levels to enable you to decide the best!

Emotional Compatibility

The Aquarius zodiac sign is all heart while the Pisces is all head. Naturally, they have problems connecting on emotional levels. If there is any problem between the two, Pisces will be the one to shout out loud, cry, fight or show emotions. Aquarius on the other hand will be more composed and try to look for a solution in the midst of the storm. This zodiac sign keeps their feelings in control and hardly expresses them even in front of their partners. Such inability to express obviously makes their partners feel insecure and unsure about Aquarians feelings. However, if these two are to work out, Pisces sure should learn to keep their emotions in check and react a little moderately over things. 

Sexual Compatibility

Pisces and Aquarius compatibility in sex is surprisingly great. Aquarians are quite open-minded and are up for anything in bed. They enjoy everything from kinks to toys in sex. Pisces on the other hand is ready for anything to satisfy their partner’s desire. They will let out their innermost feelings on the bed and are delighted to share them with someone. Pisces zodiac sign will appreciate everything their partner has to present for them. The two of them are quite blended together and even improve their relationship with consistent sex. It works for them like magic!

Communication Compatibility

Pisces and Aquarius compatibility is pretty weak on conversational and intellectual grounds. They cannot really bind well and Pisces might feel incomplete in Aquarian’s company. There is no depth in their relationship due to the inability of Aquarius to express it.

The fact that both these signs have a whole different way of processing things makes it entirely difficult for the same to find the same ground. The water sign will know the emotional value of things and drags sensitivity even in matters of practical importance. Aquarius on the other hand will bring logic even in relationships and hearty affairs. So, both of them are quite annoying for each other to develop some seriousness and regards for their partner’s point of view. 

So, this is an overall analysis of Pisces and Aquarius compatibility in a relationship. Both the signs cannot go well naturally as their way of analyzation and understanding is quite different. However, if they try to communicate daily, a large part of their relationship problems will be automatically solved.

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