Leo and Aquarius Compatibility


Still, doubtful about Leo and Aquarius zodiac signs compatibility? Well, don't be. The article will help you know everything from the zodiac sign's horoscope daily and its core traits. Keep reading to know!

Leo and Aquarius compatibility cannot work too well for long. While both the zodiac signs are spontaneous and love to socialize, Leo’s emotional dependency might affect their partners. However, both Leo and Aquarius are quite similar about staying in the limelight, loving attention, etc. But Leo requires constant assurance from time to time about the availability of their partners. They are full of love and care for their soulmates but can get really cranky if the same is not reciprocated by their partners. Wish to know facts apart from their horoscope today? Well, find out in the below paragraphs!

Core Traits of Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo (July 23- August 22) is a sun sign and they literally treat themselves as crucial as that. Leos are usually powerful, controlling, and extremely sexy to resist. This zodiac sign loves compliments, attention, and special treatments everywhere. However, it is nice to be with Leos but it can be really exhausting to become their life partners. They can get too controlling, jealous, and possessive about their partners at times. This is one of the reasons that they need a proper compatibility evaluation before getting into a relationship.

Core Traits of Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) are energetic and vibrant in nature. They are originally ruled by Uranus and are guarded by air. This sign is a little self-centered and has its own notion to rule the world. Aquarians can defy all the existing ideas and work with their own to kill the stereotypical vibe. However, these people are completely authentic and do not leave your side after marriage or any relationship commitments. They are willing to embrace and show their emotional sides to their partners. But it is better to ready the Aquarius horoscope today before starting any significant conversation with this sign.

Read more about their compatibility factors as per the daily horoscope and their crucial traits!

Emotional Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius are one of the most incompatible zodiac signs in terms of emotional understanding. 

Leo is all about drama, sensitivity, and emotional outbursts from time to time. They require constant affirmation from the partners of their availability for Leo. Also, Leo zodiac signs can easily get offended and are always a step ahead in making scenes. Though this sign is extremely loyal and lovable to its partners, it might get suffocating for the pragmatic Aquarius to take in so much. 

Aquarius is all mind and no heart. This zodiac sign is ruled by logic, rationality, and new experiences. They have little or no concern for Leo’s emotional drama and might fail to identify their emotional needs as well. However, the two zodiac signs require a lot of patience to handle each other, but none of them possess any. So, their equation can only go well as long as they are not coming in between each other’s freedom.

Sexual Compatibility

No one can be a competition when it comes to sexual relations between Leo and an Aquarius zodiac sign. They are complete Fire together!

Leos are known for their passion, intimacy, and playfulness in the bedroom. Anyone reverting to their playful and sensuous ways is the best compliment for the Leo Zodiac sign. From sex toys to dirty talks, these pairs do not shun using anything to make their sexual life active. Moreover, Leos prefer to stay in complete control of their partner during sex. Capricorn on the other hand would love to take the lead and explore various aspects of their sensuous side with Leos. 

Sex is one of the triumph factors for both these people in a relationship. Though they can get into the ugliest of fights, again the reconciliation is easy the moment they approach their bedroom. 

So, these are some of the insights on their compatibility according to the daily horoscope of Leo and Aquarius and their core traits. Though the two zodiac signs are not a perfect match for each other, they can find a common ground to work on their relationship. Moreover, both Leo and Aquarius are willing to make compromises to make their partners feel at home. 

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