Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

Wish to tie a knot with a compatible partner, but ain’t know nothing about the Aries and Aquarius Zodiac signs compatibility? No worries, the article will tell you all about it!

Marriage is a two-way thing and it cannot go without compatibility between two people. However, love is quite a strong factor in making marriage successful but it is not the only factor. There are various other reasons like emotional understanding, sexual compatibility, friendship, etc to assure healthy and happy marriages. So, zodiac signs play a remarkable role in determining the various compatibility factors between couples. 

However, many of you might believe that we develop understanding gradually after marriage. But it is one of the reasons that numerous couples are still living in a forced relationship in the name of marriage. They have still not found their peace in each other yet. So, the right approach is more than necessary in making marital relationships work. Nothing other than your zodiac date sign can make it happen!

Thus, below-given is a detailed list of the core traits and compatibility factors between Aries and Aquarius to help you proceed in the right direction. Keep reading to know all about it and ensure a perfect life partner for yourself!

Core Traits of Aries & Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aries (March 21- April 19) are born ambitious and loyal to their partners. They do not care for anything once they fall in love with anyone. Aries zodiac sign will stick to the end no matter what! These people are quite optimistic and see the good in everyone and in all situations. No wonder, they have a great fan following and are awesome organizers. However, the Aries Zodiac sign has this extreme obsession to win and wants attention all the time. This can get quite overwhelming for their partners at times. But Aries are adventurous, spontaneous, and passionate people and one can never get bored with them. You can look at the Aries Horoscope Today to know more about the core traits of Aries zodiac sign.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) are energetic and vibrant in nature. They are originally ruled by Uranus and are guarded by air. This sign is a little self-centered and has its own notion to rule the world. Aquarians can defy all the existing ideas and work with their own to kill the stereotypical vibe. However, these people are completely authentic and do not leave your side after marriage or any relationship commitments. They are willing to embrace and show their emotional sides to their partners. But it is better to read the Aquarius horoscope today before starting any significant conversation with this sign.

Emotional Compatibility

The two zodiac signs are not known to share any great emotional connection usually. Aries which are ruled by Mars are mostly overwhelmed with their emotions and do not think twice about expressing them as it is. These people are easy to connect and open up with. Aquarius on the other hand, are excessively logical and do not trust heart over head. Everything is black or white for them and they cannot understand things in between. Even if Aquarius possesses a strong feeling for someone, they will let their brains mess with the feelings in their heart. So, it can often get challenging for Aries to share their emotional side with their Aquarius partners. 

Sexual Compatibility

The sexual compatibility between two zodiac signs cannot be more than Aries and Aquarius. The two people are absolutely meant for each other sexually. These two people combine to share playful and adventurous chemistry together. Also, both the zodiac signs share masculine traits and intensify each other’s energy in the bedroom. 

However, the only problem between the two during sex can be their lack of sensitivity and tenderness. So, their sexual relationship might look appealing in the beginning. But it is quite probable to fall off due to their lack of warmth and emotion. So, the sex compatibility which started at 99% can come down to 60% after a while.

Friendship Compatibility

Both the Aries and Aquarius  zodiac signs compliment each other the best when it comes to friendship. The Aquarius partner has everything that their Aries partner lacks and vice versa. They are full of energy and always ready to be on the spot for the sake of friendship. However, they might not make a good couple but their friendship is more probable to last longer than their relationship. 

Both the zodiac signs are social animals and love to be around friends. It is easier to make a bond among them when they are already friends with each other. So, no matter how bad things might get between them, they will always find a way to patch up.

So, this is an overall guide on Aries and Aquarius zodiac signs compatibility. The two are meant to be with each other if they learn to work on their respective potential problems. 

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