8 Wedding Facts Christian Grooms Should Know That Happen Only In India

Christian Wedding

Christian Weddings are getting westernized way too much these days, all thanks to the movies we watch. Yes, weddings are supposed to be simple, energetic, and fun, but they also have rituals and customs attached to them. There are many facts about Christian Weddings in India that make them different from  weddings in the west. For example, Christian grooms don't always have a bachelor party, or the bride doesn't necessarily wear a white gown at her wedding. 

Many such facts make Indian Christian Weddings different, and if you are a Christian Groom who is going to get hitched soon,  we are sure that these facts will blow your mind. Read on to know more while we debunk some popular myths for you. 

8 Wedding Rituals Christian Boys Should Know About

  1. Christian Weddings Are Not Short: If you think Christian weddings last 15 minutes or so, we are so sorry to break the bubble, they aren't as short as you believe them to be. In India, every Christian wedding lasts for at least an hour or more. The Christian groom and bride exchange the vows and rings, but before that couple, family members, and guests attend an entire mass, which in some cases, can last a bit longer as well. Once it  gets over, the process - the one we watch in movies, begins. However, couples do have a choice. So if they only choose to  exchange the vows,  the wedding lasts for only fifteen minutes. However, like other Hindu weddings, Christian marriages also have Sangeet, Cocktail, and other events. 
  1. The Bride Doesn't Always Wear A Gown: No, you will not find every Christian Bride donning a chic white gown. The outfit of a girl depends on the culture and the theme that the couple is following. In Kerala, Christian brides wear a saree and are super comfortable with it. Similarly, some brides don a chic pantsuit, lehenga, or even a heavy embellished suit - the choice is theirs. So, no, it's not a mandate for the girl to always wear a white gown. 
  1. Women Don't Wear Frocks Always: Thanks to the movies that we have watched over the years, we always attribute Christian weddings with gowns, floral & pastel frocks, and skirts. However, you will be surprised to know that in India, several ladies and even Christian boys, for that matter, prefer wearing Indian. Yep, you will see women sporting designer sarees, suits, and lehengas, while the men will be seen carrying Kurtas and Sherwanis for the wedding and reception. So, no, you will not see girls dancing in short frocks in Christian weddings. 
  1. Christian Weddings Have Mehendi Function Too: Like other Hindu weddings, brides in Christian Weddings also enjoy applying Mehendi in their hands. And in some communities, for good luck, even the Christian boys for marriage apply little henna on their hands. Brides who love Mehendi also organize a function for their wedding. 
  1. Vows Come From The Church: Remember that episode where Chandler and Monica were struggling to write vows for each other, or where Mr. Big calls Carrie and asks for help in writing the vows? Well, we are so sorry to break your Hollywood bubble, but the truth is that in India, in most cases, the Christian boys for marriage and bride don't write their vows. Yes, very rarely, the couples go the extra mile to write their vows, or else, the church already has a set of vows for the bride and the groom from centuries, and most couples recite those only. And we also believe that  emotions and thoughts count, not  words. 
  1. Bridal Showers Are Not A Ritual: Well, this is another legendary myth that is not entirely true. No, the Christian groom's friends don't always throw a kickass party, nor does the bride's maid of honor have to do it. Bridal showers are quite subjective, and some people don't opt for them. And it's anyway not limited to only catholic culture, almost every couple has a bachelor/spinster party nowadays, it's all about the choices that couples make. 
  1. You May Now Kiss The Bride Is Not A Thing: For some weird reason, everyone in a Christian wedding waits for this thing to happen. But let us now tell you, as shown in the Hollywood movies, the Indian couples don't lip lock at the wedding; either the Christian groom kisses the bride on the cheeks or exchanges a small kiss. Many couples don't kiss. So every time you attend a Christian wedding, it isn't necessary that you will get to see a dreamy, picture-perfect kiss at the altar since that's not always the case. And if you get to see, please try and not make a big deal about it, since that can be embarrassing for the couple.  
  1. Christian Weddings Also Have Arranged Marriages: No, Christian boys for marriage don't often fall in love and get married. Some Christian grooms and brides meet via an arranged setup and then get married. So for your information, arranged marriages are quite common in the Christian community as well. Inter Caste marriages are very ordinary in the community as well, where a Christian boy marries a Hindu girl or vice versa. It all depends on the type of community, so yes, Chirstian marriages are not always love. 

If you are going to be a Christian Groom soon, then we hope that these facts about Christian weddings in India are clear to you. As a groom, you will have a lot of fun, but it’s better you chuck off the idea of fun shown in the movies.. And if you are going to attend your friend's  wedding soon, please don't wait for the magical kiss to happen at the altar. It may or may not happen, and that's perfectly okay. 

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