8 Things Indian Grooms Need To Do Before Their Wedding

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Weddings in India are a big deal. With numerous functions, distinct outfit changes, several dance performances, happy smiles, and so much more, Indian weddings are no less than a feast. And while guests attend the wedding to celebrate the love of the bride and the Indian groom, it's the bride that becomes the center of attention. From what she is wearing to who she is wearing, everyone sets their eyes on the bride. And with that, the poor groom gets a little less attention. However, we feel it's time to change the game. Indian grooms should get and deserve equal attention, and for that, and here are eight things Indian boys must do before their wedding for that. 

8 Things That Are A Must For Every Indian Groom Before Wedding

  1. Focus On The Outfits: A bride usually starts prepping for her big day way in advance, whereas the Indian groom decides his outfits a few weeks before the wedding. And now, it's time to change this. If you are going to be an Indian groom soon, please make sure that you plan your outfit well in advance too. Plan your outfit, keeping the look and color scheme your bride is opting for.
    From Sangeet night to the big wedding day and reception, plan your outfits, take that plunge, and experiment with your looks. You can wear a chic tux for your reception, whereas, go all glam and royal for your other functions, the choice is yours. And once you figure all this out, you have accomplished the most vital task for you. 
  1. Say Yes To Accessories: In our society, it's usually the Indian bride that preps for her jewelry and other accessories, but boys for marriage should also work on ways to bedazzle their outfits. For your suit or tux, you can match your accessories to the bride's outfit. For example, if your bride is wearing an emerald green outfit, you can always pick socks, cufflinks, bow ties, etc., of that color. If you are wearing a sherwani, give it a royal look by adding an ethnic layered necklace. Make it fun, quirky, and interesting, since it is your big wedding too. 
  1. Plan A Grooming Session For Yourself: Contrary to what people think and believe, Indian boys surely need a grooming session too. If you are planning to style your hair differently for all the functions, then you must try different looks and styles at least a month in advance. Besides, like the bride, you too need to look fab and perfect for the pictures, so applying subtle makeup is a must. Take makeup trials, stick with concealer, foundation, and tinted chapstick, but go for it. It will not only fix and hide your blemishes but will give you a smooth look. And while you take care of all that, you also have to think about maintaining your personality. So make sure to get a manicure/pedicure done to bid goodbye to the dry and dead skin from your hands and feet. All this will make you feel fresher while enhancing your personality. 
  1. Be A Part Of Wedding Preparations: Planning a wedding takes months, and as an Indian groom, you must make sure that you are a part of your wedding preps. Ensure that you get involved in all the wedding-related meetings with your family, be a part of the plans, and give vital inputs whenever necessary. Sit down with your fam jam and make sure that everyone is on the same page and there's no last-minute drama or stress. Plus, you will also get closer to your guests and understand their needs as well. 
  1. Make Your Bride Feel Special: More than you, it's your bride that's going to be super stressed, and the least you can do to calm her down is by planning something special for her. You can plan surprises for her, send her gifts, and even flowers will work wonders. Reassure her that everything will work out well and you guys will have the wedding of your dreams. You don't have to go all out and spend a lot of bucks- at times, small gestures make a huge difference too. 
  1. Work On A Thank You Speech: In this day and age, when everyone is leading a fast life- there are a few people who make that effort and time to attend your wedding. And it's always important to thank such people in the right way. So as Indian grooms, it's your duty and responsibility to work on a thank you speech for your guests. It doesn't have to be a formal speech- a few meaningful sentences would do the work, so reflect upon your thoughts and prepare a short impactful yet informal speech. And while you thank everyone, don't forget to thank the bride for making your life so beautiful. 
  1. Buy A Present For Your Bride: As an Indian groom, this is one thing that you must never forget. You have to buy a present for your bride. It can be her favorite chocolate or a perfume, with a special note, but you have to make your bride feel special. All the wedding preps will exhaust both of you, but it's your bride who will be super tired with all the heavy makeup and jewelry, so make sure that you make her feel special and pamper her with gifts. Such small surprises can go a long way and are certainly the key to a happy married life. 
  1. Enjoy Every Moment: Yes, you are the groom, and Indian grooms don't like to steal their bride's thunder but make sure that you are having a blast too. Give quirky poses for the pictures, make your bride smile, interact and chill with friends and fam, dance your heart out, look fab and enjoy your BIG day with all smiles. Just like the bride, you too have waited for the day, so make sure you enjoy every function, every event with equal joy, pomp and glee. 
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