7 Wedding Rituals Every Tamil Groom Must Know About

Tamil Groom

Tamil weddings are picturesque, culturally rich, and definitely have some customs and traditions that will leave you in awe. From the dreamy decor to several beautiful  ceremonies, weddings in Tamil Nadu are a visual treat for the guests. And just like other weddings, the bride is the center of attention in it , and a lot revolves around her. In Tamil weddings, there are some rituals that are only followed by the Tamil boys for marriage. From Kaasi Yatra to Vrutham, a lot of ceremonies take place keeping the groom in mind. 

With tonnes of traditions and rites in place, these fun matrimony rituals in Tamil weddings are fun to watch. With custom decor, added colours and distinct rituals, Tamil weddings are filled with customs that will engage and entertain you. So dear Tamil boy for marriage, if you are getting hitched soon, do your homework and know everything about these rituals. And don’t worry, we will help you in the same!

Wedding Ritual, Tamil Boys For Marriage Should Know Of

  1. Vaali Vanguthal: Weeks and months before the marriage, the Tamil groom's family and the bride's family meet at a common  point. As a part of this ritual, the bride's family gives a silver bucket filled with banana, betel leaves, and nuts to the groom's family. And once the groom's family approves of the bride and is  ready to take the next step, they gladly accept the bucket. However, in recent times, this is just a formal tradition. In fact, today, the family exchanges betel nuts and leaves as a token of agreement. In the earlier days, this custom was a great deal in Tamil weddings, and it was a mandate for every family to follow it by all means. Super traditional families in Tamil Nadu still follow this custom religiously. 
  1. Naandi Srardham: As a part of this ritual, the pampering of the groom begins at the bride's home. The Tamil groom, with his family, pays a visit to the bride's house, where the family welcomes him with pomp and a shower of rose water. After this, as a ritual, the bride’s family treats their dear groom with some sweets, which are especially made for him by his mother-in-law. The bride's family treats the groom with sweets, specially made for him by his mother-in-law, and is blessed by everyone in the family. Post that, 10 Brahmins get invited for a vegetarian feast, and they also bless the couple for a happy married life ahead. The groom definitely is the center of attention here, and the bride takes part in the ceremony later. 
  1. Vrutham: This ceremony takes place one morning before the wedding, and it signifies the transition of the Tamil groom's life from being a bachelor to becoming a married man. As a part of the ritual, a holy stained yellow thread with turmeric is tied on his wrist to ward off any evil and negative energy. The ethnic custom takes place at the groom's residence in the wee hours. A similar ritual is done for the bride at her place, where a yellow-stained thread on her wrist keeps the negative and evil energy at bay.  
  1. Kashi Yatra: This is one of the most ancient customs in Tamil marriages and is also one of the most fun rituals to watch in a Tamil wedding. As a part of the ritual, the Tamil groom's family arrives at the wedding venue, and then the groom grabs an umbrella, a walking stick, and some food and starts his journey to Kashi (Banaras). The ceremony is known as Kashi Yatra because the groom decides to give up on worldly pleasures and dedicate his life to god. And the ceremony is a pleasure to watch when the bride's father convinces the groom to choose a married life bliss with his daughter. This particular ceremony has been a part of several Bollywood movies, and it's a treat to be a part of it in person.
  1. Januvasam: As a part of Januvasam, the tamil boy for marriage is brought to the mandapam with grand celebrations. The bride's mother then presents some traditional clothes and precious jewelry to the Tamil groom, and blesses him for a long life ahead. The groom's sister does the same with the bride. And once this ceremony of giving gifts is done, the groom and bride are taken to a nearby temple to seek the blessings of the almighty. 
  1. Receiving the Groom: Yes, the bride is always the center of attention in every wedding, and Tamil weddings are no different. However, here, the groom's entry and welcome are always done in style. The bride's family receives the Tamil groom and his party with coconuts, flowers, betel leaves, and areca nuts. There are two decorated pieces called 'Paruppu Thengai Kutti,  made of jaggery, lentil, and coconut. With music and joy, the groom is welcomed by the bride's family. 
  1. Pada Puja: This ritual takes place in certain kinds of Tamil matrimony, and as a part of the ritual, the bride's mother washes the Tamil groom's feet with water, Chandan and KumKum. After this , the bride is brought to the mandap by her mother and siblings, and other ceremonies begin shortly after that. mother washes the Tamil boy for marriage’s feet in some weddings, while in others, it is the mother of the groom or father of the bride who gets this opportunity to wash the feet of the groom. 

When it comes to Tamil weddings, every community in Tamil Nadu has a set of rituals that they follow for both the bride and groom, which makes the wedding special and unique. Each ritual strengthens the ties of the two families while praying for the happy married long life of the couple. And such authentic rituals make Tamil weddings truly special, and therefore it is a visual delight to watch. So whenever you get a chance, you must be a part of a Tamil wedding at least once in your life. And we are sure you will enjoy every bit of it.

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