7 Unique Groom Entry Ideas You Must Check Out ASAP

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Weddings are usually all about bridal entries, bridal outfits, and everything that the bride has to wear and do. And one cannot deny the fact that brides are usually the centre of all the occasions - however, grooms are equally important too. And dear grooms, to ensure that you get the much-deserved attention, here are some unique groom entry ideas that you must try.

A groom's baraat is all about dance and dhamaka, and to add more pomp to the entry, grooms should try these unique ideas for their wedding by all means. 

Unique Groom Entry Ideas For Grooms On Their Wedding 

  1. Enter Like A Stud In A Vintage Car: When it comes to groom entry, grooms usually opt for luxury cars like Mercedes and BMW. And while that looks quite fancy, it also looks cliche at the same time. So to make sure that you enter with your baraat in the most fun way, hire a vintage car. From amazing colours to distinct models, there's a lot to choose from in the vintage section. So ditch the same old luxurious car and make a memorable entry in a timeless vintage vehicle. We are sure not only the bride but everyone attending the wedding will be amazed at your entry. 
  1. The Classic Jai Veeru Style: As a groom, you will enter with your groom squad in style. And to make everything more dramatic, how about you on a side-car scooter with your BFF. The classic Jai-Veeru style from Sholay is golden and perfect for the wedding. Make the most memorable groom entry with your best friend and while entering, you can either sing or dedicate a song to your to-be-wife. All this will not only look filmy, but you will also make some fun memories to cherish for a lifetime. 
  1. Enter Like A Royalty On An Elephant: Being a king, you are off to get married to the queen of your dreams, hence, to make this wedding a royal affair by entering in style on a beautifully decorated elephant. Create an old-world charm and stun everyone attending your wedding with groom entry style. You can also make sure that the elephant is decorated keeping your outfit in mind so that it compliments you more. And while you enter looking like sheer royalty, your friends can dance to songs like - Azeem O Shaan Shehensa to complete the filmy baraat. 
  1. Enter In An Auto: This is one unique and cool groom entry idea that you must consider by all means. Enter your wedding in a decorated rickshaw. Decorate your auto with flowers and a pop of colours to give it a grand wedding feel. You can stand in the auto and dance on your baraat while your groomsmen surround you and dance like there's no tomorrow. To scale things up a notch, you can also ride the rickshaw and enter your wedding. So dear groom, if you are up for some fun riding,  this one should definitely be your pick. 
  1. Enter On A Bullet: There's nothing more dramatic than entering your wedding on a bullet. As a groom-to-be, if you love bikes and don't mind riding one always, then this groom entry idea is perfect for your baraat. Enter in a classic Kabir Singh style on the bullet to whisk your bride off. We are sure she will love this dramatic entry of yours and  be in complete awe of the efforts you took. You can also add some sparklers to your bullet for that filmy feel and for some great pictures. So are you ready to be a bullet raja?
  1. Enter With Swag On A Tractor: Are you full desi by heart and want to enter your marriage in the most desi way, how about doing it in a tractor? Sounds fun, right. With dhol and nagara, make a grand wedding entry on a tractor and give some serious groom entry goals to other grooms. You can also hire the Bhangra dancers and ask them to perform while you enter on the tractor- it will definitely be one desi affair that no one will forget for the years to come. Plus, it will also be a picture-perfect moment for you. 
  1. Dance And Enter: If you don't want to opt for a bike, a tractor, or a vintage car, how about making a grand wedding entry by dancing? You can pick your favourite Bollywood songs and set a fun groom entry choreography on them. Your groomsmen can join in when you enter, and you can also dance with your parents and other baaraties and make it one fun jam session. PS: You can choose songs like- Tenu Leke Mein Jawanga, Mauja hi Mauja, etc., and dedicate them to your lovely bride to be and make her feel special. 

Dear grooms, yes, we know weddings are more about the bride, but with these fun groom entry ideas, you too can be the centre of attention because you deserve it too. Do let us know which one is your favourite groom entry idea and which one would you like to try on your wedding in the comments below. Also, if you have some fun and unique ideas, feel free to share them too.

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