7 Types Of Safas Every Groom Should Try


When it comes to weddings, people often think that brides have a lot on their plate in terms of outfits, decor, accessories, and makeup. And while that is true, grooms too have a lot of things to take care of. Wondering what that is? Well, one of those things is Safa. Some people also call it the turban in Punjab, and others know it as Rajasthani Safa; however, this one accessory is a must for every groom. And if you are someone who is getting hitched soon and are confused about the type of safa you should don,  here are seven types of safa options for you. From pastels to bold prints and designs, we have some amazing options for you. So dear groom, check these out and choose the best one while keeping your outfit in mind. 

Types Of Safa That Every Groom Should Consider For Marriage

  1. Floral Safa: If you are someone who is planning to go all floral for your wedding, a floral safa is the perfect fit for you. Pair it with a floral Kurta or with a pastel shade Kurta for contrast, and we are sure you'll look every bit of Virat Kohli. You can also ask your groomsmen to wear floral safa, and while you wear a lighter shade, they can opt for a darker shade. Floral safas are in style from 2019, and trust us, they will be in style for the next 10 years as well. 
  1. Bold Color Safas: Now, when it comes to safas for the groom, grooms always consider donning a light shade safa with their sherwani. However, this wedding season it's all about making bold choices. Whether you wear a solid shade of sherwani or a pastel shade, opt for a bold color safa. For example - if your sherwani is pink in color, you can make a bold statement by choosing a red color safa. Similarly, if you are wearing a white sherwani, opt for a golden safa to complete the look. 
  1. Colorful Leheriya Safas: Leheriya is a soft, lightweight fabric that not only feels good on your skin but gives a very easy-going vibe when you wear it. So if you are wearing a dull shade outfit, like a cream or beige color, use colorful Leheriya Safas to add that extra pop of color to your outfit. Lehriya comes in bright shades, which helps you break the monotony of the outfit and adds a tropical vibe to the ensemble as a whole.
  1. Quirky Safas: If you love everything quirky and don't mind adding that to the outfit, how about donning quirky safas? From peacock-themed safas to fun geometric-print safas, there are tons of quirky options for you to choose from. You can also opt for a Simpsons-themed safa or go all out with birds and animal print; the choice is yours. But if you like quirky, ensure that you opt for such Safas; and we are sure you will rock the look. 
  1. Neon Safas: Neon shades are fun, add more color, and  crowd stealers. If you think that everyone will only focus on the bride, and pay little or no attention to you, opt for a Neon-color safa. This type of safa can be paired with pastel shades for the best look. If you are wearing a peach sherwani, opt for a Neon orange safa; those sporting pink sherwani can opt for a Neon Green safa. The contract of pastels and neons will add more to your wedding outfit and pictures. 
  1. Monotone Safas: Add a bright pop of color to your marriage by opting for monotone safas. They not only add extra oomph to your wedding ensemble but also make you look like a fashionista. If you are someone who loves fashion, then as a groom, a monotone safa is for you. You can opt for a purple safa with pink sherwani or a bright pink safa with a floral outfit; the choice is yours. And if you want to go all out, you can match your safa with your bride's wedding lehenga color for that coordinated look. 
  1. Heavy Work Safa: Who said only your sherwani can have designs and embellishments? You can add the same amount of beads and intricate design to your safa as well. So opt for a heavy safa and pair it with a light work Sherwani for THE perfect look. 

Dear grooms, if you are getting hitched soon don’t forget to go all out with your safas. And do let us know which type of safa you will try in the comments below. 

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