5 Essential Piece Of Marriage Advice For Grooms Getting Hitched Soon


When a bride gets hitched, everyone around her gives a piece of marriage advice and makes it a point that she knows which phase of life she is entering soon. She is constantly reminded about right and wrong, and all of this puts too much pressure on her to be an ideal wife to her partner. However, as an Indian society, one thing we fail to do is give the same to our grooms. Yes, we only make it a point to impart all our knowledge to the bride while letting the groom enjoy. But things need to change, and grooms need to take some marriage advice too. 

Same as the bride, the groom is equally responsible for everything that happens in the marriage, and hence here are five things that he must know about the marriage. These things will not only help him put things in perspective but will also ensure that he leads a happy married life in the future. 

5 Pieces Of Marriage Advice That’s Must For A Groom

  1. Her Family Is Your Family Too: Just because she has come to your house after marriage, it doesn't mean that she should be the only one to accept your parents. You also need to remember that her parents are your parents too. You are equally responsible for their happiness and health. So before getting hitched, you must ensure that you are on good terms with her parents and make extra efforts if you need to. You should make sure that you take this piece of marriage advice seriously and work on building a beautiful relationship with your in-laws, the one where you will do everything for them like your bride will do everything for your parents. 
  1. Don't Overlook Your Parents After Getting Hitched: Some grooms tend to overlook their parents after marriage, and all they care about is the life they start with their bride. And while focusing on building a new relationship is a must, letting go of old and precious ones can never be right. So even after marriage, make sure that you give your parents the same life and affection they deserve. They need you the most in their old age and not spending enough time with them is wrong. So once you get married, make sure that the equation you share with your parents doesn't change. Try striking a balance between your marital life and the relationship you share with your parents, and everything will fall in place. 
  1. You Shouldn't Expect Your Bride To Change: Making compromises and adjustments are a part and parcel of every relationship. However, expecting the person to change for you after getting married is wrong. Your bride is already leaving her house behind to start a new life with you; a lot of things are already changing for her. And amid all this, if you expect her to change for you, then how's it fair for her? Let her be the way she is, and she will slowly adapt to the new environment. So dear grooms, this is one piece of marriage advice that you must not miss by all means. 
  1. Discuss Everything With Your Partner: Dear grooms, you must follow this piece of marriage advice with all your heart. After marriage, you shouldn't take your bride for granted and hide things from her. Ensure that she has an equal say in everything you do. She should know everything about the decisions you make and the options you choose. There should be no room for misunderstandings between the two of you. Communication is the key to every relationship, and marriage is not different. So no matter what happens, make sure that you discuss everything with your bride after getting hitched. It will help you bond, will strengthen the trust in your relationship and also make you a power couple. 
  1. ​Don't Take Things For Granted: Now, just because you are married, it doesn't mean that you will take everything around you for granted. You have to be responsible for your actions, make decisions wisely and ensure that you take responsibility for things when you do something wrong. Value your bride's time, appreciate her likes/dislikes and wants, and ensure that you help her feel comfortable always. Talk to your parents daily, focus on your career, and don't take things around for granted. As a groom, you must know that marriage is a lot of work, and you should be willing to put in that work. 

Dear grooms, we wish you nothing but love and success for your married life, and while you embark on a new journey, make sure to take these pieces of marriage advice seriously. 

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