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Honestly speaking, I always considered traditional matrimonial apps pretty cringy. But I had to change my opinion after finding Betterhalf as it was different from others. And luckily, Paromita thought the same. Today we’re together because of this app only, and for this, we’ll always be grateful.
One of the most amazing things that Betterhalf taught us is that love can overpower the strongest things in the world if only you believe in it. Being a developer, I always doubted my compatibility with a designer. But I guess Betterhalf understands the concept of compatibility better than me. Once we connected on the app, there was no looking back.
sayani & rohan
Between Rohan and me, so many things were common. Thanks to my friend who suggested to me Betterhalf as I’m not someone who wanted my parents' involvement in the decision of my marriage. I found Rohan within four days of installing the app.  The fact that I’ll be living my life with Rohan gives me so much pleasure.
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Pondicherry Groom for Marriage

Find the Pondicherry groom of your dreams for your wedding at the Betterhalf Pondicherry matrimony platform. 

Betterhalf is one of the most popular matrimony platforms among the younger generation because of its new-age matrimony ideas. On our platform, anyone who is looking for a potential Pondicherry groom can take the charge of handling their profiles instead of their parents. This makes things easier for the Pondicherry brides to find the perfect Pondicherry boy of their dreams. 

When you find a potential match of a Pondicherry boys profile, connect with them and converse with them on the platform itself. If you think and feel that you find the Pondicherry groom of your dreams, then move ahead with the wedding preparations. In case you need to make a background verification to convince your parents. 

We can help you with verification services. Go to the wedding store section and there you can find the verification service provided by us. All you have to do is select a package and provide the necessary details of your Pondicherry boy. Then we will do the required verification processes and update you at every step.

Finally, we will email the reports about the Pondicherry boy to the Pondicherry bride. If you find the Pondicherry groom reliable, you can easily convince your parents for your wedding. If you want to get your horoscope matching done, you can do that on our platform itself. All you have to do is enter the details of you and your Pondicherry groom or bride. 

You will get the report instantly and based on the report you can decide on your Pondicherry matrimony. Horoscope matching is an important part of Indian weddings because it is believed that it will reveal the future of the couple together. The horoscopes of the Pondicherry bride and Pondicherry groom are matched before their engagement ceremony for this reason. 

The results of the horoscope matching are determined based on the guna or point the couple gets. Any potential Pondicherry groom and bride with a guna of 18 and above are recommended to get married or plan their Pondicherry matrimony. On the contrary, couples with gunas less than 18 are not recommended for marriage. 

They can also talk to astrologers through the platform to check if they are having any dosha or not. Because if the Pondicherry groom and bride really want to get married and dosha is the problem then they can consult with astrologers to get a solution. Sometimes doing a puja can nullify the effect of a dosha. 

You can also create your kundli for free on the Betterhalf platform. In addition to horoscope matching and kundli creation, we are also providing numerology, nakshatra and tarot card reading. You can also check your daily horoscope on the platform or our application. In addition to that, we are also providing many other wedding-related services, check our wedding store to know more. You can also access the platform through our free application. Download the application and find the Pondicherry groom of your dreams.