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I never thought I would get my life partner right where I was not looking for him. Now I understand the meaning of the phrase - Love will find you. I met Shaina on Betterhalf.. I liked his profile too. So, I accepted it. And this is how Betterhalf made us meet. Now we call it a beautiful accident.
aparajita & akshay
Man, the effort people at Betterhalf put in helping two compatible people meet each other is something that cannot be defined in words! Our connection was so strong that we got engaged within two months after talking for the first time. In the end, I met Akshay here only. For this, I will be indebted to Betterhalf forever!
Paromita & Jayjit
Honestly speaking, I always considered traditional matrimonial apps pretty cringy. But I had to change my opinion after finding Betterhalf as it was different from others. And luckily, Paromita thought the same. Today we’re together because of this app only, and for this, we’ll always be grateful.
One of the most amazing things that Betterhalf taught us is that love can overpower the strongest things in the world if only you believe in it. Being a developer, I always doubted my compatibility with a designer. But I guess Betterhalf understands the concept of compatibility better than me. Once we connected on the app, there was no looking back.
sayani & rohan
Between Rohan and me, so many things were common. Thanks to my friend who suggested to me Betterhalf as I’m not someone who wanted my parents' involvement in the decision of my marriage. I found Rohan within four days of installing the app.  The fact that I’ll be living my life with Rohan gives me so much pleasure.
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Pal Grooms for Marriage

The Pal boys you met earlier are not your type? No problem, Betterhalf is there to tackle your matchmaking & wedding problems all at once.

About Pal Matrimony

Pal, also called Paul, is a quite common surname in West Bengal districts of India and Bangladesh. Although the title is now mostly confined to the Kayastha caste of Bengal, it has not always been the same. Many other people like hunter communities from Maharashtra, Aheers in central India, Thakurs of Nepal, Khatri community of Punjab, Chutiya community of Assam, etc have also adopted this title for their clan. Pal was also a popular surname among the Parmar Rajput rulers. Like many other Hindu castes, the marriage rituals of the Pal caste are based on traditional customs and practices that have been passed down through the generations. These rituals may vary somewhat depending on regional and community traditions, as well as individual preferences.

However, the differences might be there in the beliefs and practices of the Pal community but the Pal matrimony rituals largely remain the same. It includes pre-wedding rituals like Shagan, Engagement, Tilak, Haldi, Ganesh Puja, Mehndi, Sangeet, etc. Meanwhile, their marriage rituals include Baraat, welcoming of the groom, Kanyadaan, and Vidai. Thereafter, most Pal families host a wedding reception for the welcoming of the new bride at their home. 

Betterhalf ranks top among the best matchmaking companies in the world. It has gained popularity due to its new-age matrimony ideas and commendable user experience. The platform has already recorded more than 15 lakh registrations and 10,000+ successful marriages. 

So, signup at Betterhalf matrimony today to meet your ideal Pal bride from the comfort of your home. 

You can also get professional wedding planners, astrologers, photographers, etc from the website at the most affordable prices. The platform even helps you avail of easy marriage loans at the lowest interest rates for hassle-free celebrations. But that’s not all!

Wondering what else? Well, you can easily avail of marriage loans at affordable interest rates through our platform. Also, making your marriage biodata is much easier with our readymade wedding biodata format and free download. Pal brides can even check compatibility with their preferential choices through our kundali matching feature for free. You can even get details on your daily horoscope predictions, Nakshatra, Numerology, and whatnot! In case you still face difficulty, contact our ace astrologers for complete understanding. 

Interested people can also opt for human matchmakers to groom their profiles and get maximum options. The professional matchmakers will make sure that you get noticed by every compatible Pal girl on the platform with guaranteed phone calls. Also, we have exciting deals and packages for couples to spend quality time with each other. You can go to midnight cycling, cook together in a MasterChef kitchen, gym together, etc to know your Pal bride better.

So, what are you waiting for? Switch to the Pal matrimony at Betterhalf and get ready to hear your wedding bells soon!