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sayani & rohan
Between Rohan and me, so many things were common. Thanks to my friend who suggested to me Betterhalf as I’m not someone who wanted my parents' involvement in the decision of my marriage. I found Rohan within four days of installing the app.  The fact that I’ll be living my life with Rohan gives me so much pleasure.
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Baniya Grooms for Marriage

No Baniya boys matching your marriage expectations? Well, not an issue, Betterhalf will take charge to find you a perfectly compatible match from here. 

Betterhalf is one of the most widely acknowledged platforms among all eligible Baniya grooms. The platform is curated by IT experts with some of the latest technologies like AI and ML. So, the application enables people to find matches according to their preferences and recent search results. 

About Baniya Matrimony

The Baniya community usually includes merchants, traders, artisans, businessmen, etc. Baniyas are specifically selective about choosing a groom or bride only inside Baniya matrimony. However, their marriage rituals are all color filled and vivid. There is almost a week-long celebration and families make sure nothing goes incorrect during the ceremonies. 

Some of the rituals and traditions in Baniya matrimony include Shadi Ka Muhrat, Bhaat Nyotna, Lagan Sagai, Haldi Ceremony, Kangana Bandhna, Mehendi Ceremony, Ladies Sangeet, Bhaat, Ghudchadi and Baraat, Swaagat, Jaimala, Kanyadaan, Pherey, Vidaai, Bridal Welcome, Kangana Utaarna, Muh Dikhai, Wedding Reception, etc. As elaborate as any weddings are, you cannot find a few things that are exclusive in Baniya matrimony rituals. Although, Baniyas are usually considered money-minded people. The pompousness and ostentation in their weddings will surely contradict this statement. They love to spend whole-heartedly at weddings and ensure to make it a most lavish and grand affair. 

The Betterhalf platform is not just limited to matchmaking! We also have enormous other tactics to make it a successful alliance. Betterhalf offers exciting deals and packages for couples to help them bond with each other. Some of our perks include midnight cycling, cooking together in a Masterchef's kitchen, gymming, etc. Last but not least, you can also propose to your Baniya groom on the helicopter for an absolute YES! Betterhalf will take care of all the arrangements whatsoever, to create the most magical moment between you two. 

That’s not all! Baniya brides can also create their marriage biodata and download it for free from the website. Also, they can match Kundalis, read about horoscope, nakshatra and numerology exceptionally through our platform! You can also talk to an astrologer or reach out to the love coach for any help or suggestions for your relationship.

Wait, we are not over yet! Organizing a wedding is yet another milestone to be crossed after finding your soulmate. So, Betterhalf has solutions even for that. Surprised? Well, go through our services section to surprise yourself more. We offer you to give us complete responsibility for your wedding planner, photographers, astrologers, etc. at the most affordable rates. Baniya boys and girls and also avail of marriage and other personal loans at minimum interest rates from the website. 

So, what else are you waiting for? Stop making ambiguous choices now and switch to Betterhalf for the most compatible Bnaiya groom ever. Be Quick before your ideal Baniya boy finds his compatible match somewhere else! Start the onboarding process to know more!