Your Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming An Absolute Bengali Bride

Bengali Bride

Indian Brides are the epitome of beauty, dignity, and grace. Every bride in India not only represents their culture but also represents Indian values and traditions. And while all of them are equally visionary and beautiful, they are equally beautiful too. Punjabi brides are known for their pop-colored outfits and Patiala suits, whereas Bengali brides, for their eye makeup, red saree, and minimalistic makeup. And if you are going to be a Bengali bride soon, then we have something for you. 

We are decoding the entire Bengali bride look for you. From makeup to accessories and outfits, here's your guide to become a dreamy Bengali girl for marriage. 

Step By Step Guide For Bengali Girls Who Are Getting Hitched Soon

Outfit For Bengali Brides 

Outfits for Bengali brides are classic and timeless, and every bride that dones them looks an absolute beauty. They have a very peculiar attire that gives them a distinct yet very standard look. When you look for pictures of a Bengali bride, you can identify the brides swiftly, thanks to their authentic look. The bride usually dons a bright red attire, which is a Banarasi saree or a traditional embroidered saree. The striking saree's look is elevated with the white headgear, known as Mukhut, and the dainty gold jewelry worn on the wrists and neck. No look is complete without Alta - a red dye used to make intricate designs on palms and feet. Nowadays, modern brides also opt for lehengas for their wedding, how red color with delicate work remains an integral part of Bengali outfits. 

Accessories For Brides In Bengal 

Bengali brides wear a red Banarasi saree for their wedding, but it's the traditional jewelry and other accessories that complete the look. Each one  has a history and ritual attached to it, and here are all the accessories from head to toe that transform  a girl into a Bengali bride. 

Topor:- Also known as the Bridal Crown, Topor is a white crown that a bride wears on her forehead to complete the wedding look. Topor signifies new beginnings and is the true beauty of the bride. At times, the bride also wears a veil over this headgear, which only accentuates her look. 

Shonar Mukhut:- Known as a tiara, Shonar Mukhut is a delicate crown made of gold. The details of the mukhut add a traditional touch to the Bengali bride's matrimony. Brides can also sport this Mukhut for post-wedding rituals. 

Tikli And Matha Patti:- No bridal look can ever be complete without Tikli and Matha Patti. They are a must for every Bengali bride and complement the makeup very well. The Tikli, designed on the forehead, not only keeps the veil in place but also adds a frame and structure to the face. Brides can motif this in layers or as a single piece, depending on the look they are planning to achieve. 

Nolok:- Just like Marathi brides, Bengali brides are also known to wear an intricately curved nose-ring, known as Nolok. It's a dainty piece of jewelry which  transforms the face and finishes the makeup look.

Kaan Bala & Jhumko:- Kaan Bala is a traditional Bengali statement earring shaped like the curve of the ear. Whereas, Jhumko is just like a Jhumka that's worn in the North. It's a dangler made of gold and is loved by every bride in India. 

Pola Shankha & Loha:- Pola and Shankha are auspicious marital bangles, without which the ceremonies cannot begin. It is an essential element of Bengali brides and is red & white. The bride wears them in the left hand. Another set of bangles, Ioha, are made of Iron, and  considered auspicious too. These bangles signify health, wealth, and prosperity, and well-wishes for the couple. They are also propitious for the couple's happy married life. 

Chur Bala:- These are the quintessential bangles that radiate charm and grace. Chur is a thick broad gold bangle that gets passed from mother to daughter over the generations. Whereas Bala is like Kada, broad bangles that brides wear in pairs. 

Ratanchur:- Also known as Haath Phool, Ratanchur is a ring attached to a hand chain that is heavily embellished and has many layers. With danglings and layers, this handpiece accentuates every bridal look. 

Chic: This bridal gold choker is a Bengali bride must-have. No Bengali bride can do without this, and it's worn above the collar bone. The intricate design of the choker symbolized Bengali heritage and culture. 

Saath Noli Haar:- This layered necklace is a traditional layered necklace, which is an heirloom in several Bengali families. Grandmothers, mothers, mothers-in-law pass this statement accessory from one generation to another. A Bengali bridal look is incomplete without this seven-layered necklace. There's also a five-layered version, which is known as Paanch Noli Haar.

Bengali Brides Bindi Designs

Bengali brides are known for their gorgeous bindi designs. Drawn on the forehead with Kumkum & Chandan paste, the Bindi is part and parcel of every Bengali bride's look. 

There are three types of bindis. The first one is the Paisley waves that look great with heavy eye makeup and heavy gold jewelry. Another one is Cheek Swirls- the inspiration for this one is taken by Mehendi designs. They are skillfully designed on the forehead and look stunning with the makeup. The last one is the traditional, dotted line which is often opted by the brides in Bengal. Depending on their looks, Bengali girls choose their bindi designs since it completes their look and makes them look divine. 

So dear Bengali girls, if you are soon going to be a bride, this is everything you will need for your wedding! Also, make sure that you don't miss out on anything; since all the accessories and bindi designs not only complement the saree but also complete the look. And next time, when you spot any Bengali bride, you will know what she is wearing, which design she has used, and so on. 

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