Your Bridal Jewelry Guide For Kashmir Matrimonial

There's nothing more beautiful than a Kashmiri bride. From beautiful and heavily embellished wedding Pherans to simple makeup and jewelry, Kashmiri brides look different, radiant, and an absolute dream. And when we talk about jewelry, there are certain jewelry that completes the bridal look of the bride, and if you are wondering what those are, then read on. Here are some bridal pieces of jewelry that complete the bridal look of a Kashmiri bride. So if you are planning a Kashmiri matrimony or going to attend one, ensure to keep these in mind. 

Bridal Jewelry Guide Every Bride Should Know For Their Kashmiri Matrimonial 


These bangles are made of gold and are sported by every Kashmiri bride in her Kashmiri matrimony. They are thick in size and are often paired with other bangles. Some brides prefer to pair with thin gold and red bangles, while others choose to wear four Kaskar together in one hand. However, no bridal look is ever complete without these bangles. Traditional jewelry is limited when it comes to Kashmir weddings, but each one of them helps the bride attain her dream look. The Pheran looks even more pretty with these bangles and definitely adds more to the wedding look. 


Dejhoor is more like an earring that is worn from the top ends of the ears, and it symbolizes marriage. Every Kashmiri Pandit married woman will be seen wearing this at the wedding since it symbolizes their marital status.  Consisting of a thin gold chain, this piece of jewelry is unique and not found elsewhere but only in Kashmiri matrimonial. These iconic earrings are worn by all Kashmiri Pandit brides for their Kashmiri matrimonial, and their wedding look is incomplete without it. You will rarely find a bride without this jewelry. 


If you ever attend a Kashmiri matrimonial, you will observe that the brides wear more gold than any other precious jewels. And Gunu is also a thick gold bangle that is worn by the Kashmiri Pandit bride on the main wedding day. It's more like a bracelet and is worn on the forearms. The design is such that there's an animal head design on the bangle that makes both ends meet. The intricate design and detailing of this bangle make it even more precious and beautiful. 

Kashmiri Bridal Headwear

If you have ever watched Kashmiri movies or actresses in a Kashmiri look, we are sure you know about the Kashmiri headgear, which is supported on the forehead. They are simple yet dainty Maathapatti, which are made with semi-precious gemstones encrusted in silver molds. These gemstones come from the Northern areas of Kashmir and hold a significant value. Some Kashmiri brides like to go all out with these headgears and have them made in layers, while some like keeping it basic. However, no bridal look in a Kashmiri matrimony is ever complete without this. 

Kashmiri Jhumkas

In India, every bride dons Jhumkas for her wedding. But the key difference between other Jhumkas and Kashmiri Jhumkas is that they are slightly bigger than the regular ones and look every bit as precious. Moreover, Kashmiri Jhumkas have chains connected to them that have to be pinned to your hair for that Kashmiri look. These Jhumkas are either made with precious stones like rubies or emerald, along with gold, or some also like to wear them in a silver base. Nevertheless, when you attend a Kashmiri matrimony, you will always be in awe of the pieces of jewelry that the bride wears. 

So dear bride, if you are having your Kashmiri matrimony soon, or if you are helping your friend plan one, ensure that these statement pieces are there on the list. 

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