Indian Brides, THESE Are The Things Are You Must NOT Do THESE Things At Your Wedding

Indian wedding

Weddings, in general, are a big thing, but when it comes to India, Indian weddings are no less than a carnival. With every function planned with an equal amount of pomp and splendor , it is hard not to enjoy an Indian wedding. And while everything is vibrant and fun, it's the Indian bride that gets the most attention. From what the Indian bride is going to wear at functions to her final look, everything is a big deal for people attending the wedding.

And if you are soon going to be an Indian bride and cannot wait to look like a dream vision on your BIG day, then there are six things that you must avoid doing at your wedding. Check them out!

6 Things Every Indian Girl Should Avoid Doing at Their Wedding

  1. Spending Your Entire Style Budget On The Outfit: Indian girls dream of having a picture-perfect fairytale wedding right from childhood, and when the moment finally arrives, every Indian bride makes sure to look her best on her BIG day. However, there is one common mistake that all the brides make -  using their entire fashion budget on a wedding outfit. Yes, you've dreamt of wearing that perfect lehenga, but you also have to think about other attires. From bridal trousseau to lingerie, makeup, footwear, accessories, etc., you need to focus on a plethora of other things. So, instead of blowing up all your Monday on the wedding lehenga, divide your money for other things and try to follow the same. 
  1. Trying Too Hard To Replicate Your Fav Celebrity Look: Yes, we all loved the way Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone looked at their wedding. They were drop-dead gorgeous Indian brides, but that doesn't mean you have to look the same. You cannot achieve the same look since you look different, have a distinct body type and style, and so much more. Also, you should aim to look authentic on your wedding day. So instead of imitating the celebrity, you should draw inspiration  and plan your look while keeping your individuality in mind. Be you, stick to your uniqueness cause that'll make you look radiant and fab. 
  1. Trying To Be A People Pleaser: You want everyone to have utmost fun at your wedding. All those laughs and smiles not only make great pictures but also help you stay positive and calm. However, you cannot be a people pleaser all the time. Everyone will have some suggestions for your wedding, but then you cannot consider all of them. If you try to make everyone happy, you'll not only invite more trouble but definitely not be 100 percent joyous. Learn to say NO and consider suggestions, but do things that your heart desires. After all, it’s your wedding and it doesn’t happen everyday.  
  1. Wanting To Do Everything On Your Own: You want things to be perfect, and it’s fair enough cause you want to be the ideal Indian bride. However, you fail to remember that while micromanaging everything and everyone, you end up exhausting yourself mentally and physically. You need to look fresh and glow at your wedding, so it's better if you explain your vision to your near and dear ones and coordinate everything instead of doing things yourself. It will not only ease the process but will give you some time to relax and sink in the wedding feeling. 
  1. Being Hard On Yourself: One thing that matters the most, in your marriage and otherwise too, is your happiness. You will look like the bride of your dream if you smile and remain stress-free. Yes, a wedding is a big moment for every Indian girl, and to look flawless, brides at times try to follow fad diets to lose some extra kgs. And if you are planning to do that too, you must know that going on a rigorous diet will add more stress. Instead, work out for a healthy body, do things you like, moderate your food proportions, and be happy. Be fit and not thin, and you will look the best version of yourself. 
  1. Not Having Trials For Makeup: Going for trials, especially for makeup, will not only help you find the right makeup artist but will also help you understand what type of look will be more comfortable. What products suit you, what makeup compliments your attire, and so. You don't want to be unhappy on your big day, so please consider taking a makeup trial prior to your wedding so that you are confident on your wedding day. 

So dear Indian girls who are soon to be Indian brides, make sure to avoid these things and  stay happy since that’s the key to your wedding! 

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