On Your Sister’s Wedding, Do These 7 Things As Her Brother


Relationships are always meant to be pure and instilled with honesty, admiration, and trust. However,   the purest of them all is the relationship of a brother and sister. You may hate your brother, or your sister may annoy you to the core, but you definitely cannot live without each other. In the end, you know that they are your strength and a solid support system. 

And dear brother, if your sister is getting hitched soon, you have to make sure that you make the wedding the best day of her life. And for that, here are seven things you must do at your sister's wedding. Make notes, and it's time to show your sister how much you will miss the bond you two share. 

7 Things You Should Do As A Brother On Your Sister’s Wedding

  1. Keep Disliked Ones Away From Her: Your sister is getting married, and she wants nothing but to be happy at her wedding. And to ensure that you give her what she wants, make sure to keep  negative and unwanted people  away from her. You may not like some people, but have to invite them because of obligation, so make sure that they don't talk much to your sister, and keep them away from her so that she is all smiles for all her function. As a brother, you have to make your sister's wedding a grand and memorable affair. 
  1. Feed Her At Her Mehendi Function: By this time, your sister will be one step closer to becoming the bride of her dreams, and as a brother, it is your job to ensure that she eats well and  on time. So while she gets her Mehendi done, sit by her side and feed her. Ask her what she wants to eat and get that on a plate for her. And while you do so, ask the wedding photographer to capture this cute moment for you too. We are sure this picture will essay the bond you two share. 
  1. Give A Special Performance On Your Sister's Wedding: We are sure, as siblings, you two must have danced to varied songs together. And on her special day, it's time to remind her of those golden days. Make a fusion of all those songs and prepare a cute choreography for it. You can also include her favorite songs, songs you would tease her with, and one dedicated to the lovely couple. Make sure that this one is a surprise for her because we are sure she will be overwhelmed when she sees you recreating all the old memories. 
  1. Support Her When She Has A Breakdown: Her entire life is going to change in a few days, and with several things to do, she will have a meltdown. And to ensure that she is okay when she breaks down, you have to be by her side always. You cannot leave her; deal with all her tantrums and mood swings if you have to; you need to understand that being a bride ain't easy. So as a brother, you have to make sure she knows that you've got her back. You can dance, have fun, organize stuff for your sister's wedding, but one thing you shouldn't ignore is being by her side when she needs you the most. 
  1. Pamper Her: Yes, we know you too share a bond that can be understood by a few, but for today, keep all your monkey business aside, and pamper your sister with everything she wants. If she wants you to wear funny outfits and dance at her wedding, do that because that smile of hers is precious. If she wants you to run errands for her, don't say no! Make sure you do it. Gift the things she wants, take her out, and make sure that you are the brother she knows will miss terribly after marriage. 
  1. Hold Her Hand When She Walks Down The Aisle: Every girl dreams of walking down the aisle with her best man by the side, and for now, you are her best man, so make sure to hold her hand when she walks down the aisle. She might tear up and cry because it's going to be super emotional for her, but like her brother, you should make sure that she laughs and celebrates her big day. You two share a special bond and ensure that you make her happy by all means. 
  1. Take A Promise From Your Brother-In-Law: You are giving a piece of your heart to someone, so at your sister's marriage, make sure that you fulfill the most important duty of being a brother by asking your brother-in-law to take care of your sister and always keep her happy. No matter what happens between them, he should make sure that the smile on her face never fades. She is the best person in your life and both your sister and soon-to-be husband should know that. 

So dear brother, we are sure you are all set to celebrate your sister's wedding with pomp and laughter. And while doing so, make sure you take care of all the wedding arrangements too. From vendors to taking her to the dress fittings, you shouldn't miss out on anything. On that note, if you have a sister, do describe the bond you share with her in the comments below.

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