Nair Brides in Kerala Weddings Should Follow this Traditional Jewellery Guide

Nair Bride

Kerala is known for its picturesque backwaters and serene environment, but it is also known for the multiple cultures it boasts. There are tonnes of communities in Kerala which boast diversified traditions and values that make them stand apart. And these cultural values are often seen in bridal jewelry designs and outfits worn by Kerala brides. Yep, there are varied types of Kerala brides — Kerala Muslims, Christians, Nairs, and Namboothiris. And each of them celebrates their uniqueness keeping their culture and values in mind. 

When it comes to Nair brides, they are traditional and ethnic with their jewelry and outfit. Their simplicity reflects in their choices, which makes them look beautiful and diva-like. So if you are a Nair girl for marriage, here's a fun jewelry guide for you.

Types Of Kerala Brides 

Firstly, to understand the type of jewelry, it is essential to know the types of Kerala brides. 

Christian Brides: Christian brides in Kerala are known for their elegance. They always prefer to don dainty outfits made with precious pearls that go well with their outfit. Kerala Christian matrimonials are a blend of traditional and western culture -  the same is reflected in the jewelry choices as well. 

Nair Brides: Nair brides are known to wear elegant gold pieces of jewelry and white Kasavu sarees. They love to wear multiple gold pieces and carry them with absolute comfort and ease. Nair bride aamaadapetti (jewelry box) is no less than a treasure box. It contains varied designer jewels that are one of a kind. And these jewels not only make them stand out but also make them look like a goddess. 

Muslim Brides: Muslim brides in Kerala usually opt for a heavy saree and lehengas with a dupatta on their heads. And while their outfits are embellished and luxurious, their jewelry pieces are stunningly designed with colorful stones and  heavily inspired by the Mughals. 

Namboothiri bride:   Namboothiri weddings are the longest ones, with events lasting for over 4 days.Contrary to the luxuriously celebrated wedding, outfits worn by the bride and the groom are simple.. The bride dons a simple kasavu saree with her favorite Mogra in her hair and opts for a piece of simple-yet-dainty gold jewelry. 

Wedding Jewellery Worn By The Nair Brides 

Nagapadam: While the Nair brides wear different types of gold pieces of jewelry, it's the Nagapadam that always stands out. Embellished with green and blue gemstones, this dainty gold necklace is paired with other pieces of jewellery, and they look vibrant. It is a must-have for all the Nair girls for marriage, and brides cannot do without this statement piece in their jewelry box. 

Palakka Mala: It is one of the most colorful necklaces worn by the Kerala Nair brides. Filled with green jewels and other precious jewels, this long gold mala goes supremely well with the white Kasavu saree and stands out from the rest of her signature jewelry pieces. Some Nair girls, who prefer having a simple wedding choose to wear only this with their saree. 

Mullamottu Mala: Mullamottu mala is a gold necklace, but it's different and special from the rest. It is the first necklace worn by the Nair bride at her wedding. Adorned with red gems, this necklace is bold, big and worth a glare. The intricate design is what makes this jewelry stand out, and it's a masterpiece. 

Kumbla Thali: Just like other Indian brides, Nair brides too have a mangalsutra, which is known as Kumbla Thali,  a simple neck piece known for the leaf-shaped locket attached to the chain. It is one of the most simple yet the most sacred and precious jewels available in any Nair bride's jewellery box. Nair brides continue to wear this piece of jewellery even after marriage. And we must say it looks flawless and stunning. 

Lakshmi Mala: This necklace is designed with the image of Goddess Lakhsmi. Small lockets with Gold Lakshmi on them are fit together to create this beautiful gold jewelry. It is very similar to the Kasu mala that the Nair girls wear at their wedding ceremonies. This one piece of jewelry is enough to make your look. And hence, many brides layer this piece with one or two light chains. It's heavy, auspicious, and skillfully designed for the bride. 

Netti Chutti: Netti Chutti,   designed to wear on the bride's forehead, is a must-have for every Nair bride. It's made with multicolored gems and accentuates the makeup look of the bride. Several brides opt for a heavy Netti Chutti while going easy on the hairdo. Made of gold, it's simple yet elegant at the same time. 

So dear Nair girls for marriage, these are some wedding must-haves in the Jewellery department for you. You must note that each of these pieces are special, unique, and a must in their own ways. Adding each of these jewels to the bridal look not only elevates the look but also adds value to the wedding functions. Some of these jewels are bought by the bride and her family, while others are gifted to her by the groom. Irrespective, these are the standard pieces  you will see in every Nair bride's jewelry box.

Besides, some brides also opt for other pieces of jewelry that are inspired by the Christian, Muslim, or Namboothiri bride. Irrespective of the jewelry, we strongly believe that every bride in India is beautiful. On that note, do let us know which is your favorite piece of bridal jewelry in Nair weddings in the comments below. And if there are other pieces that Nair girls for marriage we should know about, you can mention that as well, and we will add them to the list.

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