Muslim Matrimonial: How Muslim Brides In Various Community Dress Differently

Muslim Matrimonial

Marriages in India are sacred, pure, and celebrated with love, joy, and laughter. And while every culture, religion, and caste celebrate their wedding in their distinct way, one thing that binds them all together is their love for outfits, ceremonies, and rituals. And when we speak about outfits - it's the bride who always manages to be the centre of attention. Be it a Punjabi bride or a Muslim Bride- the outfit game is always on point. Especially in Muslim weddings, the brides always choose something heavy, royal, and sparkly. And while we think that all Muslim brides look the same,  brides in Muslim matrimonial not only dress differently but also follow some different rituals. 

So if you are inquisitive and want to know about Muslim brides and their fashion,  here's how brides in diverse Muslim communities dress for their big day. A lot goes behind their fashion choices, and here’s everything you need to know about it. 

6 Ways How Muslim Brides Dress Differently For Their Wedding 

  1. Kurta Set For Hyderabadi Muslim Bride: Muslim weddings in Hyderabad are all about royalty. And when it comes to the outfits, Muslim brides in Hyderabad are often seen donning a Khara dupatta set. The set includes a kurta, a churidar, and a dupatta. The outfit is usually heavily designed and embellished with gold and other beads. It's a simple outfit, the bride looks no less than a princess in it. 
  1. Lehenga For Muslim Brides In Kerala Weddings: Contrary to classic Kerala weddings - Muslim weddings, also known as Malabar weddings, are all about simplicity. Yep, no over-the-top extravaganza is involved in Kerala Muslim matrimonials. Muslim brides love sporting a lehenga for their weddings, and no doubt they look gorgeous donning it. They go light with their outfit and heavy with their jewellery since gold ornaments are a must for every Muslim bride. They either choose the shades of red or tones of pink and gold for their wedding outfit. And the look is completed by statement jewellery with light makeup. 
  1. Gharara For Muslim Brides In Lucknowi Weddings: Muslim weddings in Lucknow are similar to the ones that take place elsewhere, however, one thing that makes it different from the rest is the fact that Muslim brides in Lucknow always wear a Gharara at their wedding. The outfit has a heavy Kurti paired with wide-legged pants pleated from the knees and a dupatta. Brides choose shades of yellow, orange, pink for their Ghararas, and we must say they look visionary in these Ghararas at their wedding. 
  1. Pheran For Muslim Brides In Kashmiri Weddings: Kashmiri Muslim weddings are different in every aspect. In a classic Kashmiri Muslim Matrimonial, the bride dresses very uniquely. You will not spot an authentic Muslim bride in Kashmir wearing a lehenga or sharara. The bride here wears their traditional dress, which is known as Pheran. Pheran is a knee-length adorned kurta embroidered and paired with a close-fitting salwar. It's a simple yet very classy outfit that makes the bride look like sheer royalty. 
  • Hijabi Outfit For Muslim Brides In Bengali Matrimonial: The outfits of a Muslim bride in Bengali weddings differ from one bride to another, keeping the lifestyle and budget in mind. Brides from a  very conservative family usually prefer wearing a Hijabi outfit, whereas the modern Muslim Bengali brides opt for a heavy saree or a lehenga for their wedding. And while the attire depends on the lifestyle one follows, there's one tradition, which is a part of several Bengali Muslim weddings. After the Nikaah, the bride and groom are made to drink water from the same glass since it is considered auspicious, and it also deepens the bond and love of the couple. 
  1. Ball Gowns For Modern Muslim Brides: Today, Muslim brides, irrespective of their caste and community, opt for a heavy ball gown for their wedding. The gown is usually white or pink and is adorned with a silver design. Muslim Brides in Arab weddings are seen wearing a gown, but in India as well, there are several brides who opt for a ball gown for their wedding. Brides usually choose dresses that are white silk or satin and have a high neck and long sleeves. The Brides pair the gown with a Hijab, which not only covers their head as per Islam rituals but also elevates their look. 

Just like the rituals, the bridal outfits in Muslim matrimonials also differ from bride to bride. Some brides like to go the traditional way, while others love to experiment with their wedding looks. However, irrespective of their choice, Muslim brides always manage to look radiant and dreamy in their wedding outfits. On that note, if you are a Muslim bride who is getting hitched soon, then do let us know the type of outfit you will be choosing for your BIG day in the comments below. 

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