Here's How Brides Can Deal With Pre-Wedding Jitters

pre-wedding jitters

You are getting married and are getting a chance to plan the fairytale wedding of your life. And let us tell you that feeling nervous about wedding preps and how your life will change post-wedding is quite normal. And if you are also getting pre-wedding jitters, then it's just a small part of getting married. There’s nothing to worry about here!

As a bride, you have a lot to deal with in your wedding - hence you tend to get overwhelmed and start questioning everything around you. And if you have started to doubt your decisions, contemplating about it, let us assure you it's okay. You are allowed to feel all those emotions, and to help you deal with them - we have something for you. Here are five ways that can help you deal with pre-wedding jitters. We are sure these things will work in your favor. So, read on to know more. 

5 Ways Every Bride Should Use To Deal With Pre-Wedding Jitters

  1. Have An Optimistic Approach: Talk to your friend and share your worries with them - they will not only help you deal with it but help you look at the positive side of it. Think of your wedding as a positive thing because, in a few days, you will get to be with the person you love the most forever. You have decided to get married because of some reasons, so when in doubt, ensure that you keep those reasons in mind. Think about all the positive things about the relationship, and we are sure it will bring a smile to your face. As a bride, you will have a lot to deal with, and the last thing you should do is deal with it alone. So talk to people and stay optimistic - you are doing this for the best and a happy future. 
  1. Eat What You Feel Like: Some people rely on others for emotional support, and some rely on food to feel better. And if you belong to the latter category , it's completely fine. To deal with the pre-wedding jitters, eat what you love the most but in moderation. If you are craving a pizza, eat two slices instead of eating it as a whole. If you love chocolate, have a small one, and enjoy the taste of it. It's a stressful time for you, and sometimes talking just doesn’t cut it, so it's okay to binge a bit. But be mindful and don't go all out on the food - remember you have to take care of your diet and health as well. 
  1. Come In Terms With Your Feeling: You are the bride and you will have a lot to think about, and with thinking comes jitters and a bucket full of emotions. So instead of running away from your fears, be fierce and deal with them. Deal with what's bothering you - try questioning yourself for the choices you have made, and there's nothing wrong with it. Even if you have some doubts about the marriage, ensure that you are aware of it. Give your 100 percent, take control of the situations and snap out of the nervousness. Running from the feelings or simply living in denial will add more stress and you won't be able to enjoy your wedding to the fullest, so make sure that you know how you are feeling and find ways to deal with it before the wedding day arrives. 
  1. Talk To Your Partner: Your groom-to-be is your soulmate - he is someone you will spend the rest of your life with. So when in doubt, when you feel overwhelmed, don't think twice and share all your feelings with him. You might be going through the same phase of self-doubt, and being there for each other in this time - you will eventually come out of it. As a couple, you have spent time together - hence handling each other in this moment of weakness will be manageable for you. So don't be afraid, share everything that you feel, good, bad, worst. We are sure your partner will be the best person to help you deal with these emotions. 
  1. Go On A Solo Trip: If you have two months to your marriage, the best way to deal with the pre-wedding jitters is by going on a solo trip. Plan a trip you always wanted to take and rediscover yourself. Rediscover your thoughts, likes, passion, and everything that makes you who you are as a person. Enjoy some time with yourself, and when you come to terms with your feelings, you can come back and resume all the wedding preps. At times, we tend to get overwhelmed with things, but once we get a break, we gain perspective and bounce back like before. 

Dealing with pre-wedding jitters always feels tough, but all you need is some prep talk, some self-reflection, and you are good to go. Being a bride, you must remember that you have chosen this for a reason, and once you come to terms with it, we are sure things will get simple for you. 

On that note, has your friend ever dealt with pre-wedding jitters, or have you ever dealt with it? If yes, let us know more about it in the comments below. We would love to read them! 

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