8 Wedding Makeup Tips To Keep In Your Mind


Weddings are no joke, a bride has tons of things to do before walking down the aisle, and one of those factors involves bridal makeup. Usually, brides hire a professional makeup artist for their makeup, but if you are planning to do your own makeup for the wedding, we have some tips for you that will help you ace the look. 

Grab a pen & notebook, and make notes, because these tips will surely come in handy, and you will definitely thank us later. 

8 Tips For The Brides To Their Makeup On The Wedding Day 

  1. Practice A Lot: As a bride, you want to look nothing but perfect at your wedding, and for that, you need to ensure that your makeup game is on point. And if you are planning to do your makeup, start practicing at least a month in advance. You have to practice until you don't achieve the look you are aiming for. And while you do so, document the process too; doing so will help you understand the technique that worked, what to avoid, and which products to use by all means. It will be easy for you to handle your makeup on the wedding day since you will be well acquainted with the flow. 
  1. Avoid Using Products With Too Much Sparkle: Products that add sparkle to your face don't shine much in reality. In all honesty, when you add too much shimmer on your face, they look awful in pictures. On the wedding day, when the photographer uses extra flights and flashes for the photos, the shimmer tends to spoil the look, hence as a bride, always opt for neutral and subtle tones. If you love shine, you can add some extra bling to your outfit, but for makeup, stick to matte-based products - they last long and blend naturally with the skin. 
  1. Don't Chase The Trends: Not everyone is comfortable wearing makeup daily. And if you are one of those who rarely apply makeup on their face, then dear bride, don't follow the trends on your wedding day. Stick to the basics, don't experiment much with the looks, and stick to the products you know will look good on your face. If you want to experiment with your eyeshadow and lips, try something you know will not fail. Don't experiment much on your wedding day since it will only dehydrate your skin but will also irritate it further. 
  1. Invest In A Good Setting Spray: When you do your makeup, you want to ensure that it lasts long, right? Well, the secret for long-lasting makeup is setting spray. No matter how expensive the products you use are, if you don't set the look with a setting spray, all your hard work will go in vain. So when it comes to makeup, invest in a good setting spray- some setting spray helps the makeup last long for 15-18 hours. They are sweat-proof and waterproof and help to keep the base intact. 
  1. Invest In A Face And Eye Primer: No makeup look is achieved with a primer. The primer is the first makeup product you put on your face after moisturizing it. A primer acts as hydration for the skin, sets the base, fills in enlarged pores, and smoothes fine lines. It also prepares the skin for other products and sets a radiant base for makeup. And while you use one for your face, ensure to invest in a good eye primer. An eye primer will even out the discoloration on your eyelids and smoothen the area for eye shadows. As a bride, you must remember that no-makeup look is ever complete without a primer, and you cannot miss out on this product. 
  1. A Good Facial Is The Key: When your skin is in good condition and well-nourished, the makeup you apply not only looks good, but you also feel more confident and comfortable in your skin. And to get your skin to a well-nourished stage, it is necessary to get at least three to four bridal facials before the big day. You can take a bridal facial package that the salons have to offer- with that, they treat your skin differently every time and make sure that the result is good. As a bride, your skin should be clean, without any breakouts; for that, facials are a must before the wedding since they also help to illuminate your complexion.
  1. Get Ready In A Quiet Space: When you do your makeup at the wedding, you will need a space that's quiet and serene. The calm environment will help you concentrate on the look you want to achieve, and the chances of making mistakes amid the chaos will be significantly reduced. Hence ensure that the room you choose for your makeup, is away from all the wedding preps. Do your makeup with concentration in a calm space, and we are sure- like professionals, you will ace the look too. 
  1. Take Help: As a bride, you will do your makeup at the marriage, and while you think you'll be able to manage it all, it's always better to take some help. Ask a friend or your sibling to help you set the makeup table to ensure that all the products you need for the makeup are available. Besides, you can also ask them to help you with your outfits, accessories, etc., so that you can focus well on the makeup. If your friend/sibling is pro at makeup, they can also help you with eyes, brows, and lips. So don't shy away from asking for help - After all it's your BIG day, no one will have a problem helping you. 

As a bride, you have chosen to do your makeup for the wedding and we applaud that choice of yours. Keep these tips in mind and we are sure you will attain the goal you are aiming for.

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