8 Terms Every Bride Should Know In This Pandemic Time


India is known for several things, and one of the many things among them  is weddings. Weddings in India are no less than a carnival. From ladke ki Bua to Ladki ki Massi, everyone is actively involved in the wedding planning process. Be it the Haldi function or the Cocktail party- We Indians love to celebrate everything on a grand scale. However, thanks to the pandemic, the charm of Indian weddings has become more intimate and personal. 

Amid the covid scare, many couples get hitched in an intimate setting, and as a bride, if you are going to get hitched soon, then here are some terms that you must know about. Read on and thank us later. 

Wedding Terms Every Bride Should Know Amid Pandemic

  1. Covid Bride: The brides who got married amid the covid pandemic are known as Covid brides and trust us, this is also one of the most used terms of 2020-2021! So basically, brides who got hitched in an intimate setting after March 2020 have entered the Covid bride club. We know it's not something one would want to remember, but marrying amid the crisis while taking all safety precautions calls for something. Also, not only the covid bride, the grooms who got hitched are also known as Covid groom, and the wedding is known as Covid wedding. Now that's one interesting story the couples have for their kids, how they got hitched amid the pandemic, etc.
  1. Latermoon: Once you get hitched, the first thing you do is go on a romantic honeymoon with your partner, however, thanks to this pandemic, we added one more word to our dictionary, and that is Latermoon. Latermoon is a phrase you use when your honeymoon gets postponed amid the covid scare. People are still postponing their wedding because traveling to dreamy locations is still not an option, and this term sits very well with their situation. 
  1. Late Bach: This one is a bit complicated and tricky to guess, but dear bride, we are sure you will resonate with this one the most. Because of the pandemic, your bachelorette party, which is ideally supposed to take place before the wedding, took place after it. So if you got married in the covid era in an intimate setting, we are sure you must have missed your gang and bachelorette party the most. 
  1. Mini Shaadi: In India, weddings are no less than a carnival. We Indians love to celebrate our wedding like a big party, and it's a minimum of a three-day festival for us. And that's one thing covid took away from us. The wedding guest list dropped from 300 to 50, and the concept of Mini Shaadi or Micro wedding became hugely popular. A wedding that was supposed to happen on a grand scale became a backyard wedding, which was still fun, but we are sure in better times, celebrating with 200 people would have been even better. 
  1. Sequel Wedding: One thing that covid has taught all of us is that there's nothing more special than an intimate wedding. Whether you like it or not - thanks to the circumstances- many of us have been forced to get married in an intimate setting. And while we had a small wedding, we never left hopes for grand celebrations. So dear bride, you still can have a small wedding while having another one in the world where there is no covid. We know the intimate wedding is not everyone's choice, but amid covid, that's the best one can do while saving the OG wedding for the covid-free world. 
  1. Social Distance Wedding: Social distancing is one word that can never get out of our heads. No matter where we are, what we do, following social distancing has now become mandatory. And while the term is famous for everything, it's equally famous for the wedding as well. Social distance wedding term is used when the wedding follows all the set covid protocols and has all the regulations in place. 
  1. Unsave The Date: When it comes to weddings, one thing that goes out to everyone is the SAVE THE DATE invite - however, amid the pandemic several weddings got postponed, and to ensure that the guests know about the change, people sent out ‘Unsave The Date’ card, which informs the guests that the wedding has been postponed amid the covid scare. This one was very tough to send since a lot gets canceled when you postpone the wedding, and it's tough for the couples to deal with it. 
  1. Online Wedding: The term online always existed, but because of covid, online weddings, backyard weddings, house weddings, etc., became quite popular. In some cases, only couples were at the mandap - while everyone else, including their family members, watched their marriage online. Several couples asked their wedding planners to live stream the weddings and ensured that their loved ones were a part of the celebrations online. This one was the most different concept that covid gave us. 

So dear millennial bride, if you are getting hitched soon, we hope that these terms help you in some ways. However, if you are sad about the cap set at wedding guests, don't be, you can always have a bigger and better celebration in the covid-free world. Till then you can enjoy a blissful wedding in the presence of your loved ones. 

On that note, are you someone who likes bigger weddings or someone who loves the concept of Intimate weddings? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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