8 Bridal Gown Colour Options For Christian Brides That Are Not White

Christian Bride

Christian weddings are dreamy and visionary. All thanks to shades of pastels and white, everything in a Christian ceremony looks like a fairytale. And when we speak about fairytales, we cannot miss out on the fact the Christian brides do look like princesses. With white gowns designed intricately  and dainty jewels, the bride looks stunning at her wedding. And if you are a Christian girl for marriage, who loves the idea of wedding gowns, but wants to experiment with colors other than whites, don't you worry, we have got you covered with this one. 

From the blends of Nudes to Lilacs, here are eight color options that you can choose for your wedding gowns to look like the Christian bride of your dreams. All these colors have their charm, and we are sure they are perfect enough to make you look perfect. So, check out the list right away and make a note of these colors. 

Bridal Gown Colour Options Besides White For Christian Girls For Marriage

  1. Dazzle It With Blue: You can never go wrong with the blue color.. The hues of blue are the hottest colors of this season. And depending on your wedding time, you can pick the blue shade. If you are having a day wedding, opt for a sky/sea blue shade, while for the evening ceremony, you can go all out with dark blue. To make it more aesthetic and festive, you can add some details of dull gold and bronze to the gown. Pair them with heavy earrings and dramatic makeup, and you'll look no less than a Hollywood Christian marriage
  1. Keep It Simple With Ombre: Dear Christian bride, if you don't want to experiment with dark colors and want to keep it light,  consider adding an ombre effect to your white wedding outfit. You can opt for shades of beige, brown, and nude to create the effect. This way, you will have a light color for your wedding gown, which will stand out in terms of design. And trust us, the guests will only talk about your outfit. You can pair a dainty rose gold/gold necklace with this outfit and keep the hair simple while experimenting with eye makeup. 
  1. Slay It With Peach: Peach is a very soothing color and  quite pleasing to the eye. It is yet another light color that you can rock on your wedding day.  A perfect color for a morning ceremony, peach will make you look fresh and stunning. Christian girls for marriage, you can also accessorize the gown with pretty pearls and steal the heart of your groom while looking like a breath of fresh air. You can always try adding a floral element to your hair or jewelry as they will complement the outfit  well. 
  1. Say Yes To Pretty Pinks: Weddings or not, Pink is every girl's go-to color . Be it Indian or western look, hues of pink can make you look like the boss lady that you truly are. And if you are soon going to be a Christian bride, we recommend you to try a Blush pink color gown. It will not only look stunning, but since the color suits every skin tone, it will make you look dreamy and visionary. 
  1. Look Like A Disney Princess In Lilac: Are you a Christian girl for marriage who has always dreamt of looking like a Disney princess at your wedding? If yes, then Lilac should be your color. Relive your favorite Disney princess moment and look chic and elegant in lilac. Like red, the Lilac color also symbolizes love, and it's always in trend. You can add some diamonds and silver/platinum to finish the look. And while doing all this, don't forget to team it up with a sparkly shoe just like the other Disney princesses do. 
  1. There's Always Some Room For Grey: As a Christian bride, you cannot wear black for the wedding, and you don't want to opt for white either, so what are you left with? Well, the color is Grey. With tones and looks to die for, Grey is a color that you must consider by all means. It's classy, easy-breezy, and photo-worthy. You can team with some bright jewels like ruby and emeralds and give it a chic look. 
  • Keep It, Mellow, With Yellow: No dear Christian girl, we are not asking you to look like a Mango at your wedding by choosing a poppy yellow shade. But just like other colors, there are tones in yellow as well. And when you add intricate white laces and gold detailing to it, your yellow gown will look the prettiest. It's a bright color and perfect for morning weddings. Besides, the color will look fab and stand out in the pictures as well. 
  1. Go With The Nudes: Don't want to give up on whites completely? Well, how about playing it safely with Nude shades? The nude color looks and feels very international and is always a hit with designs. And when it comes to wearing a Nude shade gown, that's always a BIG YES. You can experiment with colors in your makeup and look like an absolute diva. So if you want to make some serious style statement in your wedding and give major Christian bride goals, go with the nudes. 

Well, dear Christian girls for marriage, these are some cool color inspirations for you. And we are sure that these colors will not only help you look like the Christian bride of your dreams but will also help you stand out from the rest. So if you or your friend is getting married in a Christian setting soon, we suggest you pick these colors. Meanwhile, if you have any other color ideas for wedding gowns, we are waiting for to see them in comments

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