7 Movies Brides Should Watch Before Their Wedding Day


Your wedding day is just a night away - we can imagine the nervousness, excitement, and bundle of emotions you might be feeling right now. And if you want something to distract you from all the wedding jitters,  we have something for you. 

Dear brides, here are seven classic wedding movies you should watch the night before your wedding day. These movies will make you dance, laugh, cry and help you cherish all the moments you have spent with your fam jam. So what are you waiting for? Wear those comfy PJs, curl up in your bed, and watch one of these classics. And while you do so, remember to enjoy the film with some calming tea and popcorn. 

Movies Brides Should Watch A Night Before Their Wedding 

  1. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani: From the dialogues to the train travels and Pahado wali Maggi and a fun trip with friends, this movie is relatable to everyone irrespective of age and gender. When YJHD was released, all we wanted to do was perform on Balam Pichkari and make Kabira our bidaai song. The movie is perfect for the brides to watch a night before their wedding because the story, the colors, and the beautiful friendship between Avi, Aditi, Kabir, and Naina, teach us that no matter what happens, our friends and loved ones always have our back. It's a feel-good movie and will calm your nerves when you watch it a day before your wedding day. 
  1. Hum Saath Saath Hain: When we talk about movies to watch, dear brides, how can you miss out on this 90s cult classic. With so many rituals, songs, stunning outfits, and values to offer, Hum Saath Saath Hain should be watched a night before your wedding day so that you can reminisce about the time you met your groom-to-be for the first time, the dates you'll have been on and so on. Besides, the movie also has a great message about family and the importance of sticking to each other like a rock, and you surely will love watching it. 
  1. The Wedding Planner: Wedding movies usually talk about the bride, groom, and their whirlwind romance - however, this particular movie talks about the journey of a wedding planner who ensures that her clients have the dream wedding of their lives. And while arranging everything for her clients, she finds the love of her life. Now that's a worth-watching movie, right? The movie will make you believe in love, marriage, and everything wedding. So watching it a night before the wedding day, when you get jitters, is a perfect idea. 
  1. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge: Are you even a movie fan if you haven't watched DDLJ? The beautiful villages of Punjab, the picturesque train rides of Europe, a lot of drama, too many songs, and a love story that makes you believe in love is what DDLJ is. And while you wait to marry your Raj, watch this movie a night before your wedding day, and we are sure you will laugh, cry and bid adieu to all your wedding worries. So dear brides, out of tons of wedding movies, we recommend this one. Watch this, and we are sure you will have a fun time. 
  1. Band Bajaa Baraat: How can this movie list be complete with Band Bajaa Baraat. The movie is about weddings, colors and sincerely depicts everything that it takes to make each wedding a grand success. The songs will help you relax and enjoy, whereas the story has a feel-good quality that will make you appreciate everyone planning your wedding a bit more. If you are feeling dull and nostalgic, then Ranveer Singh will cheer you with his one liners in this movie. It's one of the best wedding movies, and you should watch this with your BFF before your wedding day. 
  1. Bride Wars: A perfect comedy movie all you brides need to watch by all means. The movie beautifully shows the process of getting married, from marriage proposal to finding the right dress and finalizing the location- the film encapsulates it all. You get to relive your time when you were figuring out the invites and decor for your wedding or the time when you fought with your BFF while finalizing some wedding stuff. Watch this with a hot cup of tea and some fruits or chips, and you are all set for the night. You also get some time to spend with your girl squad because obviously, you won't be watching it alone. 
  1. Dostana: Want to tickle those funny bones? If yes, then this 2000s classic Dostana should be one of the movies you must watch before your wedding day. With exotic locations, fun dance numbers, and killer fashion inspiration, this movie will teach you how to treasure and value relationships. Plus, you are going to be a desi girl tomorrow, so why not enjoy the song a night before your wedding day. PS: We recommend you to watch this movie with your guy squad for some extra fun and drama. So gather your siblings and friends in a room, and binge-watch this movie. 

So dear brides, we know how stressful a night before your wedding can get, so to ensure that you have a fun time with your gang or by yourself, make sure that you watch one of these movies. If you have watched any other movie a night before your wedding day, drop in the name in the comments below. And for those planning to watch one, which one will be on your pick? Don’t forget to share them with us!

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