7 Bridal Hair Tips Every Bride Should Follow On Her Wedding

Bridal hair tips

Brides dream of looking a certain way at their wedding. From a young age, they decide the look they want to achieve at their wedding and do everything they can to achieve that look. From wearing the right outfits to choosing the right heel size, they want everything perfect. Intricate details in the wedding mean everything to the bride, but they unknowingly make a few mistakes and spoil their look. 

And if you are wondering where  this mistake happens , you must know that it's in the hair department. Brides love experimenting with their locks, but they shouldn't be doing that at their wedding. Trying something new days before D day can leave your hair in need of recovery. And to make sure you don't make that mistake, we have made a list of common hair mistakes you must avoid by all means. 

7 Common Bridal Hair Tips Brides Should Keep In Mind

  1. Not Colouring Hair Right Before The Wedding: Colouring your hair and experimenting with your looks is fun, but doing that a few days before the wedding is certainly not fun. You should remember that it takes a while for the hair colour to settle down, and once it does, you cannot immediately reverse it. And we are sure you don't want to have a bad hair day at your wedding, so avoid colouring your hair a week or so before the wedding. In fact, experts suggest that brides should colour their hair at least a month or 15 days before the wedding.
  1. Not Getting A Fancy Haircut: Trimming your hair a few days before the wedding is fine, but dear brides, avoid cutting your hair by all means. If you are not planning to keep your locks open for the wedding functions, it’s better not to get a layered haircut. Stylists usually warn the brides about this since styling your hair in buns, and other fancy hairdos become difficult when you have layers or even freshly cut ends. So consider this as one of the important bridal hair tips and avoid getting a haircut. Trust us, it will save you from a big problem. 
  1. Booking Your Hairstylist Early: Hairdos are necessary since they add more drama to your wedding outfits. And sometimes brides tend to get extra busy with the outfits that they completely forget to book the hairstylist. You have to remember that simply having a hairstyle cannot seal the deal. You need to have a stylist who can guide you about hair care and help you understand which style will look good on you. It's always better to take a hair trial at least 15 days before the wedding day so that if you don't like the hairdo, you can experiment with something else. 
  2. Avoid Washing Hair On The Wedding Day: Dear brides, we know you want to look fresh as a daisy at your wedding, but one of the most vital bridal hair tips is that you shouldn't wash your hair on the wedding day. It is because bridal hairstyles are extensive, and freshly washed hair makes it difficult to style them. But if by any means you want to wash your hair, use dry shampoo, and avoid using any water. This hair care tip is not only useful, but it will also save you from having a bad hair day. 
  1. Add Serum To Your Hair For All Functions: Well, we are sure your hairstylist will tell you more about this, but you must know that when you use too much product on your hair, it somehow damages the roots. And to ensure that you don't end up with dry and damaged hair, apply serum to your hair before getting a hairstyle done for all your marriage functions. Consider this as an essential haircare tip since dry hair will look no good in the light, and serum hydrates the locks and adds the necessary shine to them. 
  1. Choosing The Right Flowers For Your Hair: Brides love adding flowers to their bun - however, there's one thing they all forget to do, and that is speaking to a florist before choosing the flowers. Yes, you read that right! If you are planning to use fresh flowers on your hair, make sure that you speak to a florist and understand which ones will last longer. As one of the bridal hair tips, once you understand which flowers can be used - store them in the fridge so that they last longer and stay fresh even during the functions. 
  1. Don't Overuse The Hair Products: You want your hair to smell great, you want to achieve a dreamy look with your hair. Yes, we know that!. But using too much product on your hair can make them look dry and flaky, and to avoid that situation, make sure that you minimize the use of hair care products on your hair. Consider this as the most important bridal hair tips and follow this one by all means to have a great hair day. 

As brides, we know how stressed you are about everything, and the last thing we want you to stress about is your hair. So follow these bridal hair tips and let your hair shine like a diamond on your wedding day.  Meanwhile, if you are already married and have some hair care tips for the bride-to-be,  feel free to share them with us in the comments below. We would love them!

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