6 Wedding Makeup Tips To Keep Your Face Sweat-Proof

wedding makeup

Bridal wear is an important part of every bride's wedding.  However, besides the outfits and accessories, another vital thing that makes or breaks the bridal look is the makeup you apply as a bride. Your makeup should not only complement your outfit but should also look good on your face. The makeup you do at your wedding shouldn't look cakey or make your face too oily. It should set well on your face since the last thing you want is the product dripping down onto your dress and ruining your photos too. . 

So dear brides, with a little hard work and prep, you can look like the bride of your dreams. Here are six makeup tips that you should use by all means to look radiant at your wedding. These tips will take your makeup game to the next level, and you will thank us later for them. 

Makeup Tips Brides Should Follow For The Wedding.

  1. Select Your Makeup Artist Wisely: Your makeup artist will know what looks good on your face, how much quantity is needed, and the type of products your skin will take well. Hence, attend several makeup trials before the wedding and make sure you pick the best. Even if you have set a budget, try finding the best on that budget, and don't compromise your look for some money. A professional makeup artist knows how to do long-lasting makeup, set the base right, and make you look flawless. So use this makeup tip for sure if you want your makeup to last all day. 
  1. Use What You Need: You want to look perfect at your wedding, and we are sure you might've shortlisted some eye makeup and contouring ideas too - however, you need to remember that less is more. Don't apply a bucket full of makeup products on your skin; not only will it melt soon, but it will also make your face look patchy. Opt for the limited products and try creating magic with those. Don't layer your face with extra products you don't need. Stick to the basic colour corrector, high coverage foundation, primer, setting powder, etc. Don't experiment with anything new on your wedding day. Use this makeup tip, and you will look like the bride of your dreams. 
  1. Makeup Is For Your Entire Face: When it comes to makeup, people always aim to get the base right and then move on to the eyes and lips - however, your jaw, chin, cheeks, and neck are equally important too. So while you give it your all to enhance the luscious lips and dreamy eyes, focus on highlighting your cheekbone too. Use sweat-free products that you know will be able to bear the heat. Don't focus on buying quality products only for your lips and eyes - focus on the face as a whole and use only skin-friendly products for your wedding. And while you buy the products, ensure that they are sweat and water-proof - you cannot forget this part at any cost.
  1. Say Yes To Minimum Touch-ups: Once you are all ready for the marriage, we are sure your bridesmaid will have a handy makeup kit ready for you. Only use these products for touch-ups throughout the day, and the best will be if you keep the touch-up to a minimum. Don't overdo it- make sure that your makeup is set and tight. When you do more touch up, it spoils the look of your face, so avoid doing that by all means. Besides, for touch-up as well- stick to the powder and pat it on your face- instead of rubbing it. Use this makeup tip when you think you need a touch-up, and be assured of healthy skin. 
  1. Set The Makeup Well: Once you have applied all the product on your face, don't forget to blend it well. Ensure that there are no makeup creases on your face, so blend as much as you can. Focus mainly on forms under eyes, fine lines, smile lines, and furrows. Once you mix everything well, use a high-quality setting spray to set the makeup. Setting sprays keep your face on and help blend and soften makeup. It not only gives you a bit of a glow but also ensures that you don't start sweating post makeup and maintain the radiant look that you aim for. Pro Makeup Tip: Buy your setting powder and spray of the same brand as they will blend well together. 
  1. Try And Stay In A Cool Place: You cannot control or alter the weather- however, you can always look for ways to stay in the shade or an enclosed space with AC on. So if you are getting hitched in an open setting, make sure that you stay in the shade or have a handheld fan with you- so that your makeup doesn't start melting. Besides, you should hydrate yourself well so that you have that natural glow on your face too. Don't forget the key to looking like a happy bride is a smile, hydration, and good sleep. While makeup can help you achieve a good look, staying hydrated helps you feel stunning inside and out!

So dear bride-to-be, we hope that these makeup tips will come in handy to you if you are getting hitched soon. Follow these tips and get ready to look like an absolute diva. And if you are a bride and have gotten married recently, please share some makeup tips with us in the comments below. 

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